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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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links will be out very soon...the test is postive and people are liking the inclusion of best of consoles by looks and all the others stuff like DOOM etc....


if its not sorted in a few days ill be sorting it myself....


and remember if you guys want more stuff you will have to sort a thread to document what you want and controll it....the fixes will be pretty easy alot of the time....its just me wanting to do it and remembering.....my big plans for CoinOPS have slowed down.....as im doing XBMC but I can do stuff very easily that I warned you others might say they can but you guys know they arnt delivering...but as always I wont let the tail wag the dog...so there are two rules I always work by


1 can I insert it seemless and automatic ..... I add it

2 if not will more people use it than not....if more use it ill add it if not and it cant be inserted seemlessly it wont be in my builds......


but anyone can patch my work or branch it and create there own vision....no issues ill tell them there bugs if I notice them.....and maybe we can share code but ill always want to keep my little ones happy and so far even with lots of new features they find it a pleasure to use and never come to me with any issues.....in both arcades and consoles now as well

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Just wondering something about xbox emulation, how good psx and n64 emulation is? Are there gonna be slowdowns or is frameskip necessary to obtain a correct fps number ? I know that both these consoles could have had fps issues by themselves depending on the games


I kind of wonder the same thing about the rest of emulators too, for mortal kombat 3, killer instinct, street fighter 3, CPS-2 games, neogeo games... Does the xbox manage to go up to around 60fps with its 733MHz cpu or is there some trick to achieve this ?

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OK PSX and N64 do have issues like the other emus...and maybe more than others....alot of the classics are fine and in EPIC....though


CPS2/street fighter 3/KI/NeoGeo is full speed and ummm everything in there runs at good frames frate and is playable for perfect framerates 95 percent of the games are fine.....for others they are playable the PC is the way to go for cap

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