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  1. Hello, BP, do you think if it will be possible to downscale arcade games ? thank you
  2. I thought that one would choose in the settings a filter for scanline. Maybe one day... Thanks for all
  3. Hello, Do you know if it's possible to have scanlines in SD ? Thanks you
  4. its because you need to have the final burn rom of metal slug,final burn uses a newer mame set than coinops for the neogeo games. Thank you, i didn't understand because i had the full set rom of coinops and i thought it will works with R6.
  5. Hi, i tested R6 last night and i have a little pb with metal slug. When i want to play with final burn core enable, it doesn't work, i have a CRC Error. But it works when final burn core is disable,. My rom works with all the old version of coinops. If someone can explain me. Thank you. (sorry for my bad english )
  6. Hello, where i can find the link for R3 please ? Thank you
  7. Hello, do you konw if "martial master" works with coinops ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXvCZC8VwhM Thank you
  8. Hello, is it possible to remap keys when final burn is enable ? Thank you
  9. Does anyone know how to remap consoles games ? I do back+white and it doesn't work. Is it works for arcade games only ?
  10. Hello, i would like a link for me too please Maybe we can find it on newsgroup ?
  11. Hello every body, i hope you will understand me, i'm french and my englich is not very good. I have 2 litlle problems : the first one, when i play at super volley ball, i don't see the "net" , do you think it cames from my rom or is it in the adjustments ? (i have the last coinops with fullset roms 15Go). The other one, when i play at capcom fighting (Darkstalkers, Marvel....), i can't go to the menu to remap the keys, but it worls for the other roms. If someone could help me... Thank you
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