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  1. Glad to see it works So what games are you playing with this? Just xbox games or emulated ones? Best regards
  2. Voted for Adding features to Arcade but sadly i'm in the losing team I really hope adding scanlines will be on your to-do list BP... Just tried Final Burn Legends that propose this and no contest, this is how these games are supposed to look like. If Coinops use "engines" from emulators that have the option, surely coinops could have it too. And there was no slowdowns Try Pulstar, Blazign Star ou Super Sidekicks 2/3/4 ... It's night and day ! Remember the real cabs from SNK had big scanlines (more than Sega monitors) and that was because you need scanlines to appreciate the pixel art and all the zooming effects that are very common in snk games. Graphics look all mashed up otherwise, unless you use stuff like advancemame2x but they completely modify the looks of games. Then tried Zsnes also with scanlines and it's definitely better too but less needed.
  3. Huge thanks. Now let's download this mofo Damn if the retention wars between NG providers continue (astraweb and giganews currently at 850 days), coinops epic will still be available 3 years from now 86GB?!?! What was it? I'm guessing the total upload between all users that got connected to him.
  4. Thanks guys ! Yes PhilExile post some pics please I think it looks okay, after that i used some epoxy glue to attach to db15 connector to the pad. And cut some black electrip tape around it to cover up. Doesn't look bad imho I need to do the 2nd pad but it's just so annoying to do, even more when using same wire color for all pins And i need to buy one of these pcb holders because i got nothing to hold the db15 connector while soldering to it, and that thing weighs like a feather. RedCapsMan you're tempting me with the snes controller...
  5. I trust binsearch engine, if it says it's passworded... http://www.binsearch.info/?q=coinops&m...e=7&server= JCDinPGH said above he was uploading it, maybe ask him^^
  6. pm'ed you but you're gonna be disappointed by my upload speed So, if the pack is 18GB in size, what's missing from it? We went from 35GB according to BP to 18GB...
  7. This thread deserves a poll.
  8. God bless you if you upload it on the newsgroup (oh well, even if you don't ) Seriously guys: USENET. Upload it once, then the server farm takes care of it and for 600~700 days it'll be available at FULL speed for everyone (with NG account) http://www.slyck.com/Newsgroups_Guide_Posting http://www.newsgroupreviews.com/upload-to-usenet.html
  9. Now this is a pleasant news. I'm glad you'll come to visit my favorite town, frankly. Perhaps that will be the time when you'll forget all that silliness so I'd be pleased to make you visit great places. I also have many english speaking friends. Who knows ? Perhaps you'll find a girl here and stay for much longer. And then, let's go crazy, you'll take the Eurostar to London and go visit Bigby and Cbagy. Its only a two hours trip. You lucky you. (oh and there's still that dreamcast emu to do) Nooo BP don't fall for it !! (sorry if i'm interrupting your flamewarz )
  10. Thanks, well i just ordered a Talismoon Frozen VGA cable for xbox, since i can flash my chip with a VGA bios (FrostyTheSnowman_Xman954_X2_5035_VGA_BIOS_v1.0_fixed) Still got a 19" CRT Sony monitor lying around so i hope the result will be better :] Right now i have a component output to a LCD TV (1366x768), so clearly the image can't be very satisfying. For the Extron i don't know about buying some expensive hardware to do this... I was already thinking about buying a xrgb-3 for my MVS slot, but i just think more and more about just buying a cab. After all an Astro city in great condition costs only twice the price of the xrgb shipped to my place Then i could even put the xbox inside the cab
  11. It would be great to get some scanline loving for the upscale engine in CoinOPS ! Or if it's there already i didn't find it...
  12. Well it hasn't been 'pred' yet: http://www.orlydb.com/?q=coinops I assume ofc that it'll be distributed by the same people? The suspense is unbearable !! God i love those 'ready to play' emulation packs.
  13. up Just thought as i opened the thread i ought to show the end (for me lol), also got the IDE hdd btw, just in time for EPiC :] So a xbox 'hackpad' was so much cheaper than buying a dedicated xbox stick (granted you own any other stick already...), just some wire and a db-15 male connector were needed. That way a neo-geo stick can be plugged, works perfect, and the pad still works like nothing happened. Of course, only 6 buttons in total (ABXY & start/back) can be used by the neo-geo stick, but no big deal, only so few titles make use of more than 4 buttons... The black and white buttons have been connected though, so if a 6button stick ever comes my way everything will be ready^^ The NG stick has such tight controls, it even works amazingly well with platform games. Playing donkey kong country wit htit feels way better than the xbox pad some pics (before applying the epoxy )
  14. Just wondering something about xbox emulation, how good psx and n64 emulation is? Are there gonna be slowdowns or is frameskip necessary to obtain a correct fps number ? I know that both these consoles could have had fps issues by themselves depending on the games I kind of wonder the same thing about the rest of emulators too, for mortal kombat 3, killer instinct, street fighter 3, CPS-2 games, neogeo games... Does the xbox manage to go up to around 60fps with its 733MHz cpu or is there some trick to achieve this ?
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