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**** CoinOPS Inferno EPIC ******** Nearly Released


Includes around 2000 games (arcade console and handheld) all setup with videos,screenshots and information...




1200 Arcade games

Street Fighter 3

Mortal Kombats with Sound

NBA Jams with sound

Narc with Sound

Full Speed CPS2 games

DOOM Games

SNES Games

Megadrive Games

Nintendo 64 Games

Playstation Games

PC Engine Games

PC Engine CD Games

Commodore 64 Games

Gameboy Advance Games

NES Games

Master System Games



handed over making sure its in sync in the next few days then its out



"Mortal Kombats with Sound" i assume that would be ALL mortal kombats? if so i will shit my self ^^

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So are you leaving the forum after this? It sounded like you said something like that in the other thread.


Looking forward to getting this though. I'm going to have to delete some stuff to make room! I'm sure there are some Xbox games on there I will never play I can delete though.

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build was locked down about 2 months ago for testing...it is a per the test build alot has been changed since then


list of games is as per what I wanted to do.....and no info will be supplied that new....its all been supplied in the past and no team was formed to recommend stuff.....


so this is just what I wanted and no input from anyone was used.....best of luck if you wanted someothing different the way to do that was discussed many times and the window closed as the target wasnt met....


I picked a list out of the 12000 games I have and 2200 arcade games that best suited what I wanted



Best of luck anyones free to make a pack or fix stuff as they see it.....I know I did all the videos all the pics and all the fixes and also selected the games I wanted...and tested end to end (that takes days to do sd and hd and the reason why builds get locked down....many faults on R3 where found on an end to end test and fixed at the time)


so I guess to sum up things......people where asked and warned about what would happen if they didnt set up a recommend team....this never happened so I went alone for a week or 2 and made a build...then locked it down, then fix all the videos etc....I have a large list of to do stuff and im still doing stuff but my new GUI is the biggestest and main thing on the list and I wont release stuff till thats done.....if you want to ask about what a team should do or how or whatever create a new thread about it and ill help you but the time on this thread has gone to discuss this stuff and ive moved on to other stuff and completed the asked tasks myself which as stated many times stopped these features going into the public for 2 months although I did work on them I couldnt test them properly and where not inserted due to the risk of issues.....


Should be out soon......

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ill be reassessing things and the partipication of people.....and wether I work with people or if its worth just going ahead with my plans....


so far atempts to get any sort of controls and balances have gone on to me have to do it myself...the xtras team where given all 12000 videos (this was done in a week or less) I helped do and then 2-3 years later released it 95 plus percent unchanged and this to me is not a good benchmark and to me I did a 1000 videos over a few days maybe a week....but im sick of telling people I work differently and them telling me I dont do anything and if I dont get a team to control what is needed and document it..then as said 100 times ive got my own time plan...the stuff I remember is something like below


Virtual Mem for MameB6 core (proof of working complete) maybe a good thing for people I know

Pixel perfect for all cores (proof of working complete) not needed by people I know

SMB support for all cores in one place (proof of working complete) not needed by people I know

new GUI (proof of working complete) recommended way forward by people I know


this is where im at.....all the other stuff if reminded I might remember but really it was of no use to me or people I know and not documented in one place....then with all the trolling etc only the big stuff stood out and has been added or completed....


This is as clear as I can make it....its up to you guys to project manage it.....I can offer support and offered a thread of how good practises are done the recommended driver thread.......really by the time you say stuff and trolls complain if I wanted it in it would be done that night in proof of concept and bug bashed over a few days...ask the people on pixel perfect....monitor on side....rotate vert games....slow load time issue all where done proof of concept in a day (once the best way has been discussed and old ways like the current emu manual ways where excepted that I wouldnt add them like they are as I thought they where terrible) and then over the next few days I refined and intergrated and made sure it was bug free.....ask any people involved in that and you will find that this stuff once thought about isnt that difficualt for me to do...except drivers and IQ is the man for them for sure....I can do them and have done many at a basic level at an advanced level IQ is the man....


Its up to the community to make my mind weather I join in and tidy there last bits or go alone 100 percent on my new project....which will come back with great results....


cba told me surreal have a kick arse GUI after seeing whats going on im not hopefully that its not something I could have done in days....I wish them luck and if they want to talk about a new way of doing stuff they can talk to me....if not after the GUI if people I know really want it ill update some surreal or psx stuff.....but this is unplaned and only in the idea stage at present....


Best of luck what you guys decide ill support it....if it doesnt slow me down ill be there....if it goes into the troll levels telling me how skilled they are and how bad I am....I have to get on with things as what im doing is very ambishious and is the final tie of everything on the xbox to one GUI for me....


peace all.....oh also if ever IQ patchs new games to FBcore or MAME core ill for sure patch them in.....esp CAVE stuff id add that within hours :)

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