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only the games I selected got optomised......MGS wasnt on there.....I have a build with alot of fixes and alot of arcade fixes as well...ill probably release R4 as I fixed alot of stuff getting EPIC together and yes its about 20 gigs without PSX and N64 and about 30-35 gigs with N64 and PSX


oh damn 35GB, thank god for usenet B)


Hope the uploader doesn't forget the par2 :)

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only the games I selected got optomised......MGS wasnt on there.....I have a build with alot of fixes and alot of arcade fixes as well...ill probably release R4 as I fixed alot of stuff getting EPIC together and yes its about 20 gigs without PSX and N64 and about 30-35 gigs with N64 and PSX


oh damn 35GB, thank god for usenet B)


Hope the uploader doesn't forget the par2 :)


Amen to that! B)

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ive moved to redo XBMC at present properly IMO.....I kind of dropped this stuff for now....but theres a new way forward coming soon :)....


if you guys want this you will have to do the work to make it happen im involved in other stuff at present.......as you will have seen ive dropped this stuff and it was always planned to do so at this point....all the poeple with no skills like cba etc where just a side line and I knew they where total newbes and could never do anything more than collect screenshots which is not needed by me...that is the smallest part of my project and was the last few weeks of my project to do videos keymaps screenshots etc piece of piss that was...... my project has moved along for years, with me as the puppet master exactly how ive wanted it to happen for years now and im happy that for these goals to have happened


Do arcades DONE

Do Consoles DONE



....and my need to pupet master for emualtion is now gone.....from an emu side its over for me...untill everything is intergrated into one package to do










Ripping Files


all under one GUI B)


my time line has been moving exactly as ive wanted it to move for quite a while now...... and soon it will be achieved leaving me to work on the new systems


As I said before make your own teams to control this stuff and ill fix things for you guys....normally anything can be fixed very fast but its not on my to do list and I dont really have one with all your stuff on it....as for release its up to you guys.....im happy happy happy with my stuff and many I know are as well....no one now asks for anything to do with emulation that I have not given them under one package and im not getting the support issues ive seen for years with other stuff...so unless big issues pop up im moving forward


Best of luck as I hinted a few times its up to you guys...


PS my hints are always what im doing they are not really hints..... all the rubbish to do with others have just been that I know what I can achieve and im working towards it....others are trolls mainly and I laugh at there skills and laugh at simple things they want in they cant do....cause they choose to do stuff the way they do and belive they have skills....fun stuff to me but now I must leave this funny stuff


Best of luck guys.....


PS if there is stuff like above I may get it deleted and will lock the forum down....ill be on PM and if any cool new stuff comes out ill patch it into the base files for sure....

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Ahh, the true face of BP is revealed yet again. Now I understand why soo many people stick it to you. You talk and talk and do very little. If you don't give a crap about the people who are interested in your project then why even advertise it. You ignore most of the feedback given to you by just about everyone. All you do is continually lead people on and every now and then throw them a few bread crumbs. Enjoy your power trip, I'm out.


Good riddance shmuck (that's American for "wanker")

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and on that note


you to turn to your true colors.....arnt we all wankers by looks....I recommend you use Mameox like cba says, theres nothing in CoinOPS, its crap, I cant code, im a bad man, im on a power trip, everyone will be glad to see me go.....the same cry baby stuff on a different day and why I dont want to discuss the way forward on this thread. There will be a new one at a new time and most will see my time spent isnt in vain.....quoted stuff about iq etc and talked for him...it was shame full and in the end the first people I ever saw had to be banned....that suxs and should never come to that....this person claims to help you guys and him and his friends can at best put screenshots together...dont have even simple skills and know nothing of what goes on ever and tell you they do.......but I know they know nothing and never have...they guess at best.....well if you guys wanted this behavour gone and for stuff to happen you would have promoted that so for now ill go forward with a new / old friends to achieve what Ive always known ill be achieving for myself and people I know...ill release it and sources (oh the only people that ever talked about sources and caused issues wouldnt release there sources and actually thought I wanted them....WTF would I want them for if I wanted something in it when in over time....and I activily told them I didnt like what they where doing.....and really they think they are gods and I sux and I take credit and truely I beleive its all due to an open source community and one they where the only people I know to protest I didnt do but in reality they where the only ones not to do.....so those are the facts......and yes ive been critical but not to those that truely needed help or to those that truely had skills...to the trolls that decided to take over I never respected them and knew they would ruin all for you in the end as they ruined many great sites like xbox scene....I think to them it was cool.....but saying that I havent slowed down and work daily on stuff as I have done...its just that it isnt so much to do with arcades so im not sure this forum is of much use till a new release is here and people see the best homebrew ever on the xbox IMO


by doing little that would be


Added 10,000 console games

Added 720P support automatic resizing to suit any screen type

Added automatic repair of coruption data and rebuild to get no errors for years

Added Mouse Support

Added MK with sound support

Added KI support

Added DOOM support

Added best background Video Support

Added best background music support

Added Autofire

Added many ways to random play or chose games

Added easy favs

Added hot and classic game fast select

Added auto sound on/off

Added support for so many arcade games not on any other emu on the xbox

Added 100s of arcade games

Fixed 1000 plus arcade games

Added best pixel perfect support

Added all aspect ratio corrections

Fixed screen tearing

Added screen rotation

Added rotation of vert games and controls

Added list warping

Added times played support

Added video screensaver

Added 2000 virtual mem support

Added 2000 catagoies

Redid 1000 plus videos for CoinOPS

Made best collections on xbox for arcades inclusing videos pics etc.....


actually ill stop there this list could go on and on and id still forget alot...but I did this while others complained and complianed about what I did while they did nothing to help themselves....


thats more than any other persons done even with there teams etc and years of work ive seen little that I didnt redo again for CoinOPS because everyone I talked to said it wasnt up to scratch...so it was redone....I havent seen this much done since xport or gogo both where great to work. But the mentioned trolls thought they knew better and talked for people that ive worked with and told me I was doing it wrong......smart guys very smart.....


best of luck.....ive enjoyed working here and its been great....im on MSN for those that know me and im moving forward with stuff as people that know me are a part of.....

I have never released a large package and have discussed this many times....its up to you guys and has been the same for years and wont be changed......if so you will get what ive done if not you wont.....I truely beleive alot of the troll left are of little to no use at all and hope im wrong for your guys sake...they say they will take things to the next level, I personaly am not waiting or think they will get this even close to what im after...so I have to go again in a direction I beleive best suits what im after.....to those that hate me its mainly because I dont respect you and think you lie and dont have anything of use to contribute and tell you so....I hope im wrong...I really do.....im sorry that you dont like that I think this and call me names and say ive got no skills......ive constantly proved I can do stuff and you have never proved anything to me....and you expect me to listen to you guys B) that would be madness and I simply wont do it...anyone else is free to listen to you im just not buying it....im sure you mean well


if people want patches etc let me know via MSN or via PM if you have the sources....I might be able to whip them together......


By the way I wasnt here to make to friends but I have done over the years for sure...there are some great people.....my friends know me via other names and other networks...........but in the end you got alot of stuff out this.....I to got a lot from having worked with many.....and still look forward to working with some of you on new stuff :) theres some top talent ive met for sure.....IQ_132 is freaky good with drivers and deserves great thanks.....and if he ever wants to patch stuff in or whatever I will help him do and release it.....but my vision has changed now......ive achieved all I want to do...ill release a version soon by the way and ill fix the last midway stuff and put it up via the usual places...the full build is handled like all old releases......



Bye Bye all (I know some emu aurthors might bi pass a bug that lets them still post on a locked thread and best of luck to them......its been a good ride) PM if you truely wants stuff....


and to those that know me....ill be working on stuff still privately with my new vision and ill be around ....and can chat at times.....we may even be able to work on stuff in a new way to new systems.....


Peace all dont take life to seriously......I know your all good people.....and love a conspiracy theory or someone to blame for things...my last thoughts is if you really want something done.....you have the power to learn listen and work though things and achieve what you want.....

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To those that asked for EPIC you need an FTP server to grab put it out....you need to know how to release stuff....you need CoinOPS showroom and CoinOPS showcase....you need to be able to release it and you need a few nights of your time......if you have that PM me


reasons for this


I have very very limited internet speed and cap and I dont know how to do this stuff and the grey area so for me this has always up to the users and I will help get it going in a way that I tested works 100 percent


also proof of concept simply xbmc with arcades consoles and games....the selector is going I want to work on section selctor look and feel a bit more but it wont be hidden....right now its fast and quick and easy for even my mum to find what she wants....but is still early days design wise...code is 98percent done...just skinning it to how I want the GUI....its all about choices now what to strip out what to leave to make it useable for the people I support....also adding features like xmv previews...fanart support and anything else feature wise to support what CoinOPS was in one GUI....just a quick this is the base of what im doing at present....XBMC was powerfull but my mum couldnt use it and wanted it to be pretty and easy to use....to play the stuff she wanted....you will see some cool new features not in XBMC with my mum in mind to make things easy...like quick music or quick pictures...if this option is on if you click on a music album it randomly plays the album no going in to select what you want it just plays it...if you click the picture folder it slideshows it randomly.....not going into it....this was what a basic user seemed to want....they just wanted to go i like that album play it...not more powerfull but so easy for anyone to pick up the remote and play stuff they want with no training and never before seen it...and it looks pretty on the eye for them





and below is second hit at concept and button look



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**** CoinOPS Inferno EPIC ******** Nearly Released


Includes around 2000 games (arcade console and handheld) all setup with videos,screenshots and information...




1200 Arcade games

Street Fighter 3

Mortal Kombats with Sound

NBA Jams with sound

Narc with Sound

Full Speed CPS2 games

DOOM Games

SNES Games

Megadrive Games

Nintendo 64 Games

Playstation Games

PC Engine Games

PC Engine CD Games

Commodore 64 Games

Gameboy Advance Games

NES Games

Master System Games



handed over making sure its in sync in the next few days then its out

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