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  1. lol Nice quote... Field of dreams? a little to quiet for me to be honest, but i will still pop by from time to time (like visiting an aunt) I hope things do pick up and news of great things still appears, Its a shame TeamZOD turned out to be bogus i was looking forward to hearing from them, however It was a nice thought i guess... Wish it was more to be honest.... on that note I think its a shame things went the way they did... Well said Ace Like we say in french "On sait ce que l'on perd mais pas ce que l'on gagne" "We know what we loose but not what we win"
  2. What a joke !!! Peace and Love my friend !!! His treats are already gone !! What do you want more ?!!! The xbox community is dying slowly, how can you make something like this againts someone that work for the community ? That's pathetic !!! No one is perfect !! Human makes issue, issue don't makes Human !! Thats Useless ..................... Big Up BP !!! PS: I really hope that this poll is just a joke!!!!
  3. Hi BP, CoinOps is just incredible with arcade games, and good with console games, but tbh i personnaly use CoinOPS for arcade games and All "Madmab's emulators" cause they play console games perfectly, i had some issue using console games with CoinOPS with my "Pal" Xbox, the problem was the music on Snes Games in 50hz (scratching music) and when i switched the xbox to 60hz the music was too speed :S That's why i'm much happy using all Madmab's emulators + CoinOPS than using CoinOPS alone !! And yeah Thanks to Madmab's for his work, and thanks to you too BP for your work
  4. No matter, i just wanted to say that u'r a bit rude agains BP while he is traying to satisfy us :S C'est juste un peu relou, vous lui prenez la tete et a force il va peter les plombs et arreter son projet !! Bref g v aller troller dans le forum des Xtras !!!
  5. It wasn't me Waal, so that make, at least 2 person thinking like me Btw i like your work on xbox too, you and Xtra team makes great things for the xbox community. The fact is your attitude against BP becomming a bit annoying, every day the same things. If you had trouble with BP in the Past, i can understand it, but it's maybe time to turn the page. I don't know if i'm right or wrong about your past, but please it's getting really annoying to read/see every day that little war !! And a little thing again, we are not idiot or what ever you want, just because we don't think like you, or we didn't do what you want. Bp has his vision of CoinOps in mind, and he is really clever to ask us what we wanted too into CoinOps according to his vision, just to make people happy... Thats my point of view. Sparda, the 1st part of Jealousy is Anger the 2nd is Ironic, i'm waiting for your 3rd part !
  6. Thats not an example for your friendship against BP !!! Et autre chose et je pense que c'est évident " Ne crache pas dans la main qui te nourrie" Certe je n'est pas inventer cette phrase mais elle est valable dans toutes situations ! Mr Waal !!! Ah and it's the same for you too Waal! You're using CoinOps even if you don't like BP edit : "Sous-merde". Vous adorez critiquer les autres, mais en gros ce n'est que de la jalousie!! It's always the same, even if we caught you stealing, you will always say "I"m not guilty" CoinOps and the xbox community can not go forward with guys like you ! "Cria cuervos y te reventaran los ojos " that's a wonderfull spanish proverb!
  7. Some times some people have to Shut Up... Just lol things, Sparda you said that u'r using Coinops... And u shit on BP!!! U'r near 40 thats fine, that didn't mean that u'r smart or something like this, you can sure say what you want thats democratie !!! But hey like BP said "... these new people bite the hand that feeds them..." And if you don't like BP, be a man (40 YO) and don't use CoinOPS !!!
  8. That's just perfect BP thanks for your work !!
  9. OMG in can stand 1/2h just listening the music and scrolling the list ^^
  10. Ahhh yeah i saw that and thats why i put a lot of Instant Remedy !!!! Kick ass music !!! Thx btw to make me know this Group !!!!
  11. Hi i'm wondering if people have change the background music !!! here is my set : 1: Instant Remedy_ Commando 2: Instant Remedy_ Game On 3: Instant Remedy_ Comic Bakery 4: Instant Remedy_ Giana Sisters 5: Comic Bakery " commodor 64 " 6: Sonic "genesis" Level 1 7: Batman "Nes" 8: Puzzle Bubble main Theme 9: Donkey Kong Country main Theme "Wii" 10: Pacman Remixed
  12. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
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