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Yeah - the other emus were great, but unless you know where you are going and can read what it says, you just couldn't use them. Most kids just cant use them. That was the first thought that popped into my head when I saw coinops - no more having to read out game titles. I'll keep my fingers crossed for epic, but really the inferno version I have will keep us busy for a while so there's no real rush. The last real update I did to my xbox was to add xbmc and stream video and music content from my computer. That was a few years ago. It's just nice to see that there's still devoted people out there who can tweak an already great machine to something even better. With the release of the next gen consoles I didn't expect to see much progress for the original xbox. Big thanks to all of you that contributed your time and effort for those of us that could only dream of it.

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just for info....


I thought the xtras team like cba and waal where joking that I could not do videos for xtras as it is so easy to do its not funny....but I now find out they are not joking and go to large means to do this....

obviously this to me means they are actually totaly unaware of anything to do with the xbox except making screenshots etc but ill show them how itssssssssss sssssssssssoooooooooooo newbe its not funny

4 years working on this stuff to pretty much have most of the low res ones given to them years ago is just silly and to comment on my skills.....but ill show them how easy it is and how they have no idea



The XDK also includes a tool to record in-game footage, which has been widely used to ... all software development for the Xbox (and all video game consoles ...

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_Development_Kit - Cached - Similar


sorry guys....to me this is level one coding again and everytime you say I cant do it and I think your joking I should take it that you know not even the basics of this stuff....I give you credit that surely you will have passed in 4 years past the point of screenshot made on the PC and ftped over.....


This is nasty way to tell them but really.....its newbe level stuff and why dont people that have no idea what they are doing ask for help instead of claiming to be on par or better than me, telling me how to do things when clearly they havent even read the first paragraph of the xdk.....so I do this cause bigby asked......best of luck you guys you need to get off your high horses and ask for help or really your pissing in the wind.....


and your threads show it.......ill never let the tail wag the dog and other dont as well.....if you really think people think your skilled then you give them little credit....you can in your circle all come to every forum and say that icon is great then onto the next one and all say it and then the thread dies....but really if your willing to do the work you should be whiling to listen and learn instead of telling people how friendly you are when clearly they are coming to other forums and asking about other stuff.....best of luck if you dont listen but if you read what I say you will see how hard you where making your life for years and how newbe level it is....and why I find it amusing and also why I really do believe you have little to no knoweldge of anything to do with development.


Peace all....last time I give out level one advice unless its deseved

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Seriously man, just get a life.


I've no use of XDK and there are much simpler ways to do videos with a computer. Faster or slower way, I don't care at all. But nobody you mentioned here has ever spent four years doing this. Obviously you're the only depressed emo-kid that have this kind of need.


Once again your post is total bitter crap so don't complain again about being bothered then. Even you're our favorite joke, we keep this on our fields.


Poor guy...

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Just to clarify....


I asked BP about his claim for doing 1000 videos in a few days to a week.


Now I'm making videos for the MSX system, and have done 100 in a week. My question to BP was how he managed to do so many in such a short time.


So BP, as I understand from your replies to my PM's, you can record directly on the Xbox straight to XMV?


Even if this is true (I'm no coder, and don't pretend to be) this is no good for me, as I am making the MSX videos both for EmuMovies (for PC frontends) and for the Xbox.

Edited by Bigby
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level one coding eh ?

Why did it take you 4 yrs to achieve level 1 coding ?


PS. Now you just have to learn to encode them in the correct resoloution.

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TO XTRAS teams only


yes you can record in any format that will encode in the aspect ratio the emu is setup to.....


and that let me do 1000 videos in about 6 hours.....


good luck cba


you guys can go it alone now.....your right I am the newbe and I only just worked out after 4 years that I can record directly on the xbox with the xdk......

bigby no offense but with support like you have easy tasks become hard and make me smile at how much work you do for so few results just from lack of knoweldge and a lack of having someone that understand the xbox helping you and you guys telling them that they are newbes etc.... hey its ok I see the stats and I know how much work you do with how much results and im sorry you dont make your lives easier and offered people some help.....if you beleive you know better as your team always does best to you to me its just a joke you can say what you want but to me its the last things on the list as its so easy to do.......


I wish the xtras team all the best ever promise ive seen from cba has been a no show as I knew it would be and asked to be proven wrong and I just sit there thinking this is so simple....and they wont ask for help.....the answer on how I did 1000 videos in one weekend is above bigby cause you asked best of luck if you want more info let me know......


CoinOPS clearly eat into xtras users where xtras doesnt eat into CoinOPS users im sorry for this facts its nothing personal and Epic will move alot more people that just want to play and id say alot will leave xtras most of the time....im sure not all and I dont want them to you support 1000 and 1000s of games that no ones ever asked me for, they can be loaded in CoinOPS generally but I wont add them....


Best of luck


Hope I see the releasers online today



Best of luck I know of so much other stuff that could let you do do packs in a day rather than months and months and months


saying im the joke when my threads are number one nearly on every forum and I dont go there....and they even trend to number one on your offical site...ill tell you what let me do a CoinOPS thread on your site and ill give you the results? im not scared for you to post any thread here and ill bump it for you....how about a CoinOPS thread for me.... and we can see :P hehehehe I already know how it will go

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OK sorry so many of there people come to me for help and even have moved to CoinOPS stuff but waal and cba really get bitter about this stuff.....ill leave it out now as the threads show there is little interest in this stuff....but heads up go to http://www.ressurectionxtras.net its an alternative to CoinOPS EPIC if you cant wait....best of luck they are great people in a friendly enviorment wanting to help....


PS though you can find them here all the time you cant find me there all the time untill they give me a thread.... :P I look forward to it



Ill post back as soon as I here whats happening with releasers

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BP your right!!!!!!


Those miserable Xtras team, I hate them! No support from any of them!!! I quit!! I quit!!!


I'm on your team now, give me everything you know, all the Xbox knowledge, lets set up a msn chat, we'll show those damn Xtras team, I hate them!!!



Edited by Bigby
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lol, i'll engage in an encoding shoot off with you any day newbie !

Your stuff isn't good enough and the resoloutions and aspect ratio's are inaccurate and look awfull.

The audio has been hammered beyond repair.

I had to spank your arse one morning (took 2 mins) over a year ago now. Remember !


Let me remind you, you compared what you thought were Xtras video's to one of your encodings, commenting how good yours was in comparison to theirs. In actual fact the video's you had were from a popular online source you all use and yes, they are terrible. So to set the record straight i decided to send you a sample of our new stuff, i popped some bread in the toaster, sat down to make a very quick video, toast made nice n golden and in the same timeframe a video was produced and posted. Not only was the toast made to perfection the video clip was twice the res of yours, half the file size and 3 times the quality. Oh and audio was sampled @ 44100 but hey who's counting !


You hummed n harred, made some nonsensicle excuses and finally shut up, nobody gloated at you, no need.

It's not your fault you neither in the loop or in the know.


On saying this, i still salute your dedication and devotion to your project and wish you every luck in your future endeavours/


PS. How did that "team" thing pan out ? Still no takers i believe ! Are you suprised ?

You are indeed an exception to the old phrase "there's no I in team"

Your a constant amusement to me and as everyone know's "You is still me biatch"

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Hey guys. Sounds like I joined the forum in the middle of some feud.? Another quick question. Is there any way to navigate back to the game menu after you have finished playing a game? I've had to reboot every time I finish playing a game in coinops to select another one. I'm hoping there's some sort of shortcut key...

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