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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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CoinOPS EPIC 20% Complete



progress report.....aprox time of finsh 5 days


then discussion around how I release it as I have known tested and true packages then


Once I have it I will open a new Seedbox and pop it on the torrent site. I do not use newsgroups\ usenet so I will have to get it from a torrent myself first :D


later !

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its all locked down now....so no golden eye yet...the chance for a team to form for this stuff has gone....so my build was locked down and decided on a few weeks ago....




CoinOPS EPIC 60% Complete (all consoles tested)



about 3-4 days of testing left

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testings is done...and everything is going in


CoinOPS EPIC Testing Completed in HD and SD

CoinOPS EPIC Lite Testing Completed in HD and SD


final preping for of packages tonight and then ill discuss the release and as I dont release stuff it will be up to you guys.......but ill discuss it with you guys in the next day or so.....

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