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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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hmmmm 3 trolls back again for release....always the same and last troll got banned please take notice (XBOX) just a hint...


If you havn't noticed ha I could care less about about gettin BANNED matter fact Iv been tryin for quite some time now, do me a favor and ask a mod/admin to check this post, Iv been quite bored with this site for quite some time xbox1 wise and want to retire..good luck with CoinChops..on that note...


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Hi to comunity and Mr BP + (.)(.) !


I'm Retro.G new here and really happy to be there :)


First really great work man !!!


I have try to read all post but it's really long omg !!!


I have a pb with CoinOPS inferno, i don't know why HSF2 + SFA3 don't run, the roms are in the list but when i launch the game it says that there is a problem with the rom size !


Do you know why ?


Ah and how can i run Doom ? i din't see it in the list :(


Again and again really great work man !!!

Edited by Retro.G
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Ah and how can i run Doom ? i din't see it in the list :)


Ultimate Doom (Doom 1) doesn't run in Inferno, but will in Epic.


Doom 2 and Final Doom TNT & Plutonia work fine in Inferno though. Get the games, put the wad files in the right folders. Create pointers and put them in the roms folder. I've played through half of TNT and the only problem is that sometimes change of weapon doesn't work, usually it does though. BP has fixed this issue in Epic he said!

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B.P. - Very nice work indeed and thanks for sorting out controls for Motofrenzy & Road Riot!


As it looks like you've resolved the sound issues with Midway games could I be so bold to request sound fixes on the following:


WWF Wrestlemania

Judge Dredd

2 on 2 open ice challenge

NBA Hangtime

Rampage World Tour




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...Create pointers and put them in the roms folder...



Thx jobo :)

But where can i found theses files?


The wad files are included in the official pc games which you'll have to find on your own. The pointers could be any file renamed to finaldoom.zip or the name of the game you want to load. I open notepad and use "save as". All this is in the readme file. It's recommended to read it before posting here. :(

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yes there are changes from r2-r3 and more coming in the background as ive said many times I dont have time to document the changes but theres tonnes done here and there that people dont know about....its not really my job...


as for sfa3 etc read the readme and it will be you are using old roms...they where updated 6 months ago....unless you switch it back to the old core....


also the other games with sound they are all in the same boat as mk3 all the same driver....you could ask +T+ he doest like this stuff being done...and worries im straying off direction to fix this stuff....as hes a man that clearly cares about me ill stay on direction at present....+T+ ask hime to fix it....its pretty easy just needs a few hours really


peace all ill be finished testing the light version tonight id say....


ps xbox just dont come in....dont worry we have been bored with your stuff for a long time as well...best of luck with your future

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