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  1. Just for info - HDD turned out to have bad sectors.
  2. It just been formatted & the only things on there are FML & XBMC. Gunna try another HD - I'm thinking this one might be knackered.
  3. I am currently in the process of upgrading a friends softmodded xbox to 160Gb (IDE). No problems until I let it boot up (it boots into XBMC) and it's as slow as hell. Next I FTP FBL over and it's taking ages (Flash FXP settings are for max transfer speed) - still hasn't finished. Anyone any ideas on what might be wrong - or are some HDDs like this?
  4. Saw this on ebay: item number: 270825633896 Handy for anyone wishing to upgrade.
  5. So I finally got to the bottom of this! I turned the SNES upside down and on the lip between the RF & power sits a little switch with a sticker saying 50hz/60hz. You flick it depending on whether you are playing NTSC or PAL - very professionally done. It was set to 60hz when I originally posted.
  6. Aha! I wondered how long it would take before somebody spotted this. Support for Genesis games has been removed, FBL is now arcade games only. If you want to play arcade and console games under the same UI then you know where to go. arcade only excellent!!! Hear, hear!
  7. OK I took a gamble and picked up a 2nd hand PAL SNES from a car boot sale for £2 with no cables (console only). When I got it home I was able to test it with the peripherals from my good SNES. When I plugged it in the red light came on! I then tried 3 different PAL cartridges - the screen went white for all 3? Was just about to call it a day and take it to the trash when I dug out my Japanese copy of 'New 3d golf simulation' for the Famicom (which gives a black screen on my good SNES). Plugged it into the SNES I got from car boot and to my amazement it bloody well booted up!!! I checked to make sure SNES was a PAL and it was - so WTF is going on here!? 1. It won't play PAL - gives a white screen. 2. Will play Japanese. 3. Says it's a PAL machine underneath. Anyone got any thoughts?
  8. Just the arcade roms. If you've got a list of arcade roms that's been added since CoinOPS 1 - then that would be better still!
  9. Now that CoinOPS 2 has been released as a standalone - can anyone provide a definitive list of arcade roms which have been added since CoinOPS 1? (Might be too much to ask - but the **.zip name would be most helpful. That way I can just download what I need and add to standalone). Hopefully the list will stay under a gig - as i'm fast running out of space!! Thanks
  10. Tried installing latest version of DVD2Xbox to Apps folder on E:\ & F:\ (not at same time). When I run it, the app launches but it just sits at 'checking partitions' and freezes xbox. (Hard mod with Executer 2 & 80Gb Maxtor drive). Any help would be appreciated....
  11. Post can be closed or deleted.
  12. Please could you also send to my pmbox? Thanks mate
  13. Nice one Annihilitor it worked! Also thanks to Fu.
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