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Hey for those who like to use WideIcons in XBMC I made these two icons. Enjoy. Sorry if this post should be it's own thread.







Lemme know which one you guys like more.

Thanks i'll take them!


I prefer this one: 1563094-coinops_inferno_center_super.png


It gives a stronger "Inferno" Feeling :)


BP, can't wait to play with the new baby :)

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You might wanna consider adding Mortal Kombat Trilogy PSX and Mortal Kombat 4 PSX to the Epic collection, as we all love Mortal Kombat and they're working great!



but the REAL challenge for BP is ultimate MK3 NO ONE has been able to get it running at full frame rate with perfect sound


come on BP answer the call please PLEASE i will donate to your hard work

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It would take me about 4-5 hours get MK3 to do this....at present as I have to do all xtras this isnt on the to do list in the next month anyways :)


I know 2 ways to do this now....and it will fix a few other games like rampage world tour sound as well....


but my to do list is prioritied at present....so everything happens one after another....at present its "CoinOPS Inferno EPIC"


then ill think about the new gui or adding games support....maybe in a week or so....ill think about whats needed first

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yeah ive done all but 30 (half of them are arcade ports so I used the videos from the arcades...eg ray storm...time crisis....strider 2) or so out of the 1000 or so I was doing...only psx videos to go...


ill find an emu that does the job soon....but ill be going end to end testing all 2000 games soon :) my time frame is for it to be ready in 1 week all tested and ill lock down a new build.


the videos are of a consistant quality now....all pretty good they vary a little from emu to emu used to record but are good enough now for me....its so nice haveing them all at a consistant level and looking good in HD at full screen....its impressive for me as everything looks fantastic now...not all over the place :)

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