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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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another 100 videos for SNES done....ill finish up the last 400 in the next week.....ive decided to redo everyone of them again at a better bit rate.....everythings looking alot smoother console wise now :lol: fantastic......


Sound amazing!

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all are done....grrrrrrr got his ftp wrong they where allways correct myside....

ive done all dooms, ki donkey kong 2 jumpmans etc videos


Ive currently redone










id love help with some psx and n64 ive done a few and the quality is ok but id love these to be better



in about 1-2 weeks ill be in final testing phase and then ill sort out issues like vm etc

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I was wondering if we could get 4 player support for some games. I testest several in R3 that show up as 4 player in the sort but do not have settings to change. These are some of my favorites.






I hope this is an easy one. Thanks for all the hard work.


Still hoping for B Rap Boys fix.





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PS new skin wont be happening due to 2 reasons :)

1) last time i actually did 2 new skins people said they didnt want them.....and wanted features

2) and mostly a new skin in CoinOPS can be easily done and it really requires a new GUI...thats pretty much done but as usual I want it to be seemless and done right before I spend the time branding and releasing.... but as usual the what people want are just where my betas are and what order I turn them from BETA to reality


Quoting from other thread with poll:


Why would you include an option for a new skin in your poll if you were never going to do one?

seems a bit cruel doesnt it?

if youre not going to do one why not make the emu easier to skin, like all other emus out there, drop in a skin folder and pick from the option menu?

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the skin stuff....if option 3 for feature features added was number one.....then the next bit is what id look at.....option 3 had one vote...so CoinOPS features stuff was obviously not wanted....ps if you want to skin it do so....its easy as I showed in my demos....but then no one really wanted it and wanted other stuff like psx support....I wont let the tag wag the dog.....


I know my direction now.....if you have different ideas join a team and go off a different way....best of luck...


the four player simpsons and tmnt play as 4 player no worries....i may look at adding them as well as the 2 player

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