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Quick question....


Can i make custom button config for the Mortal Kombat games? had how can I do that ?


I would really like the config like this...


Blue = high Punch

Green = low punch

White = high kick

Black = low kick

Red = block

Yellow= block




you can remap your games ingame without messing around with any config files.

just pause the game and enter the ingame menu then do the following

1.find the ingame controls(should be under general settings or something like that)

2.go to whichever buttons you want to remap and hit the A button then select which button you want to remap it to.


very simple to do.



I believe you have to have your Advanced Settings for CoinOps enabled first in order to get up that menu. In case it's not showing.


Thanks, I didn't think they would stay for next time... I was looking for a perminant fix....


I will have another look :lol:

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I wait the video for :


Doom 2

Final Doom

Final Doom 2

Killer Instinct 1

Killer Instinct 2

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2




Bubble Booble (now different rom)

Gun Master

Donkey Kong (added has its parent of next 2)

Donkey Kong 2 Jumpman Return

Donkey Kong Foundry


Thanks man!

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no idea get the bonus pack it has that and alot more...many have tested it ok....just grab the pack and put it in...


it includes DOOM2 FINAL DOOMS KI KI2 MK MK2 Narc NBAjam NBAjam TE DK 2 Jumpman........



@ace9094 the keymapping is permanent one you change it for different games.



OK thank you :lol:


anyone tested TC (total conversions) versions of Doom and got them to play?

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