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if anyone is having problems launching the midway games namely




nba jam

nba jam te.

then here is what you need to do.

just put the following roms into a folder called ROMSMIDWAY,the folder is in the coinops inferno folder.

then you will need pointer files because these games are running off a different core which the rest of the mame games are not using.

here are the pointer files in this download i just put up.



just unrar the file and put each of the 5 pointer files into your coinops roms folder.DO NOT unrar the pointer folders they are meant to be .zip files.

once the 5 pointer folders are in the roms folder then just rescan your roms and you should be good to go.

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so if I understand correctly there will eventually be a coinops gamesroom all in one package? This is going to be nuts!


Since I already have the full showroom though I just download the new files and overwrite/follow instructions in post though correct? Will there be something like this when the final gamesroom comes out so people dont have to download the first 14 or so GB all over again? sort of like a Showroom to Gamesroom update patch?


PM me for links BTW

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No problems guys I think you can see why this is out now....so we can discuss a true all in one greatest hits package for the XBOX...the features are there and everyone can play....make suggesestions etc...


I guess im looking for a leader of the project to just construct a list of games to add...and a list of features...and a status....also some discussion around how to upload etc a pack that over writes ShowROOM saving 15gig etc or a new LITE its 90 percent assembled now...I just want you to help the final game selections which will take a few months...and some discussion how this should roll out to people (eg choosing diff packs to suit diff users)

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well here are my suggestions


As far as what games to add, you should probably start a new thread that is kept clean. One of those threads where the only thing that should really be posted is suggested game additions and keep the discussion to this thread. This way it will be easier for you to look through. Maybe do the same for features/etc. or keep that in this thread as well.


For people who are upgrading/downloading when it is all finished you should probably do what you did last time. Release a FULL and a LITE. In addition to this an UPGRADE where it is all the new files/games and people who already have Showroom can simply drag this over the showroom directory and it will overwrite everything that has changed/add everything that has been added for a simple upgrade. I guess depending on how this is done there might have to be an UPGRADE FULL and an UPGRADE LITE. It's a lot of stuff to upload true, but it makes upgrading so easy that anyone could do it. Then for those that don't have the original they can just download the full packages.


OR since the full/lite packages are already uploaded in a bunch of places for showroom (It really isn't hard to find at all, coinops has exploded in popularity, very impressive and congratulations), you could even ONLY release the upgrades, requiring the user to first download showroom full or lite, then download the corresponding gameroom full/lite upgrade pack to get gameroom. This would cut down on uploading significantly. This shouldn't be too hard for people to figure out either.


Please let me know if I have been unclear on anything here. Its a long story but I've had quite a rough day and quite a bit to drink. Probably why I was so confused about this earlier, that and initial excitement :)

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Quick question for anyone who might know.


What version of MAME (or MAMEoX) is running the MAME roms? I would love to try and add some more of my favorite Arcade games to the new version but I see no DAT file for compiling purposes.



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ill release the a list of games soon sorry I should have done that before release....its uses mame.084 except for cps2 and neogeo they use later dats Kawaks 1.52 and all the listed below stuff is pretty much current mame


Buble Booble (fixed)

gun master

virtual fighter

Riot (***Now Playable ***) iq_132 you are the man

Twin Action (Now Playable Properly)

Stagger I (Now Playable Properly)

Red Hawk (Now Playable Properly)

Guardian Storm (Now Playable Properly)

Sen Jin (Now Playable Properly)

Bubble 2000 (Now Playable)

Hot Bubble (Now Playable)

Pop's Pop's (Now Playable)

Mang-Chi (Now Playable)

Spectrum 2000 (Now Playable)

Fire Hawk (Now Playable)

Mighty Warriors

Ironclad (***Now Playable ***) iq_132 you are the man

Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 (***Now Playable ***) iq_132 you are the man

Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus (***Now Playable ***) iq_132 you are the man

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Power Drift

Galaxy Force 2

Turbo Outrun

AB Cop


Rail Chase

Strike Fighter



Super Monaco GP

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct 2

Night Slashers (***Now Playable ***) iq_132 you are the man

Night Slashers (Japan version with blood and gore) (***Now Playable***) iq_132 you are the man

Boogie Wings (***Now Fixed***) iq_132 you are the man

Bonk's Adventure (***Now Playable ***) iq_132 you are the man

B Rap Boys (***Now Playable with some Graphic Glitches***) iq_132 you are the man

B Rap Boys Special (***Now Playable with some Graphic Glitches***) iq_132 you are the man

Fighters History (Now Playable)

Skull Fang (Now Playable)

Deer Hunting (Now Playable)

World Cup Volley 95 (Now Playable)

Turkey Hunting (Now Playable)

Wing Shooting Championship (Now Playable)

Trophy Hunting - Bear & Moose (Now Playable)

Hoops 96 (Now Playable)

Dunk Dream 95 (Now Playable)

Avengers In Galactic Storm (Now Playable)

Double Dragon 3 (Japanese and Clones Now Playable)

Cosmic Alien (Now with Sound)

Thunder Heroes (Now Playable)

Explosive Breaker (Now Playable)

Blood Warrior (Now Playable)

Bakuretsu Breaker (Now Playable)

Shogun Warriors (Now Playable)

Fujiyama Buster (Now Playable)

US Mustang (Now Fixed)

Hacha Mecha Fighter (Now Playable)

Osman (***Now Playable***) iq_132 you are the man

Boogie Wings (***Now Playable***) iq_132 you are the man

Double Dragon (Hacked to run fast) -- iq & BP

Charlie Ninja (Now Playable)

Party Time : Gonta the Diver II (Now Playable)

Rohga Armor Force (Now Playable)

DJ Boy (Now Playable)

Cabal (Now Playable with 3 button for rolling)

Squash (Now Playable)

Thunder Hoop (Now Playable) ****** needs - 0.125u1: David Haywood fixed default dipswitches on Thunder Hoop to give more than 1 life *****)

Task Force Harrier (Now Playable)

Air Attack (Now Playable)

Bioship (Now with Sound)

Macross 1 and 2 (Now with Sound)

Black Heart (Now with Sound)

Gunnail (Now with Sound)

Acrobat Mission (Now with Sound)

Vandyke (Now with Sound)

Koutetsu Yousai Strahl (Now with Sound)

Exciting Hour (Now Playable)

Mat Main (Now Playable)

Mania Challenge (Now Playable)

Avenging Spirits (Now Playable)

Joe & Mac Returns (Now Playable)

Chain Reaction (Now Playable)

Magical Drop (Now Playable)

Magical Drop Plus 1 (Now Playable)

Multi Champ (Now Playable)

Multi Champ Deluxe (Now Playable)

Head Panic (Now Playable)

Tang Tang (Now Playable)

SWAT Police (Now Playable)

Dream World (Now Playable)

Diet Go Go (Now Playable)Street Fighter 1 (Hacked to run fast)

Raiden Fighters 2 2000 (Now Playable)

FixEight (Now Playable)


yes ill make a new thread soon about the new team....id like a new project manger ive done the majority or the work but trackiing project although easy is needed as I add stuff daily and people recommend stuff more than dailty :D


Im glade to see the massively positive response this is getting although its limited in game features the GUI and playing of anything though one interface is great for those that want it

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Something that I think would be helpful is the clarification of how XBox games are handled. It really wasn't very obvious to me that the shortcut XBE's needed to be in the Coinops root directory. It took me a while of moving them around before I finally figured it out, so having that clarified would be a great change for the Readme.

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