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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Hey BP!


Excellent job on the newest release!


I have a few questions though:


1. Is there a way to speed up the GBA emulation or is this due to the xbox hardware? Games like Advance Wars have some pretty significant slowdown...


2. I think it might be cool to have the game title on the screen while the Screen Shot screensaver is running... I'm watching it now and wondering what game I just saw :D


3. I know I've said this before, but I'd really like to have SMB support for movies and console games... not sure how hard this would be... for those stuck with a stock HDD this would be a Godsend!


4. Again... AWESOME job dude! Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it SO much!



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im looking into that stuff after....SMB isnt to hard to add I dont think, was thinking of putting an option to show game overlay on picture or video screensaver....the same one that is on the from page with manufacture year title and times played and blackbackground...

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haven't got round to trying it yet, but just wondering with the other cores that are running in this from other peoples

emulators -md,snes,n64 etc- does coinops run those games any better than using the new madmab emus?

i know they are all under the same hood in this one, but are those cores you are using from older builds of the other emus?

did you manage to get the new gui you were talking about going yet?

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no they wont run better....less features...just better sorted better managed and all in the same emu....pretty much run the same but everything is automatically handled....like switch from 720p to 480i/p is automatic all other emes you have to readjust the screen and set it to other res in the emu...mine looks and goes 720p is availbe resize it for them as it was at 480...stuff like that is the differences the core its self is pretty much the same one xport did


XBMC interface / gui is in BETA but all going

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thanks for the reply. i will a have a go on it soon. :D

i saw some examples you posted awhile back of a new looking gui, that looked good, with stret fighter backgrounds.

also, is it easy to do a skin for this? i mean, a friend of mine was showing me some photoshop, and i would

like to give it a go, might take ages thou.

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OK to everyone that wanted this




its the - Supported ARCADE Games Lookup For Naming of Roms.txt


it gives you all the name of the Arcade games the same as the console games names....its 5164 titles for the arcade :D


fumanchu id say you to would be interested in this....theres lots of hacks etc hidden in there that ive added

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Thanks for posting about pointers fumanchu, I saw that and just snagged it. Then later when I read about it in the "- Readme and FAQ" it made sense to me right away so I understand how to make pointers.


:D And thanks for the quick response about the MAME core.



Now of course I have another question...for anyone capable of answering it :D


How do I (or can I) get properties up for changing the controls on any given MAME game? I can pull up "cheats" but that is all I see. OR is there any way

for me to create cfg files for a given game? I'm trying to fix the controls for Star Trek, which is running fantastic...but the controls are screwy.

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