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yip sure thing...that will alter the background to anything you want


i tried this out and made my own background screen but only get a black backdrop

when i load up coinops. what am i doing wrong here please?

the only different i can see from your file & the one i created is the file size,

mine is about a 1mb png file - yours is smaller-

i deleted all saves to make sure too. thanks

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OK guys ive seen some incredible results....its clear you guys are really trying this stuff....and spotting a few todo that im working on...


but its great to see people are seeing the potential to load this stuff though one GUI and why I wanted it this way...with some help from you guys this can be configured to truely be something special, this has always been my belief and why I released this before I finished the pack...as I really want you guys involved now with the pack....it needs some tlc to get everything going but the roadway is now down....you guys can help with this its pretty easy collecting of the screens and games you want to see in and somehow tracking the team for whats in and whats been suggested


now I want to know...do you want to


A ) Get me fixing games and adding support for games....this will require a team finishing the CoinOPS GameROOM stuff...ive added a 1000 console games and 40 arcade games to start




B ) I do GamesROOM over the next few months then look at support and features??


Please let me know A or B they will determine my direction...I need at least 5 people saying A and helping make a team by the weekend if not ill start polishing GamesROOM :D

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First of all thanks for the great support on coinops.

I do have one problem to witch I can't seem to find a solution.

I am using showroom x with an EMS top gun 2.

Everytime I get into the games selection screen it starts scrolling up or down, according to the direction the gun is aiming.

Is there any way to change this or disable the automatic scrolling?


Thanks & Greets!

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I don't know about A or B, but this is the list of games I really think deserves to be in CoinOPS GamesROOM. Of course this is just my own opinion, but feel free to agree or disagree!




Chu Chu Rocket

DK - King of Swing

Jazz Jackrabbit

Kuru Kuru Kururin

Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap

Pac-Man Collection




Donkey Kong

Kirby's Star Stacker

Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX

Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Ages

Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons

Metroid II - Return of Samus

Super Mario Land

Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3

Wario Land II

Wizards & Warriors Chapter X - The Fortress of Fear




Hudson's Adventure Island 2

Ice Climber



Track & Filed II

Zelda II - The Adventure of Link




Final Doom








Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy III


Mega Drive:


Micro Machines II - Turbo Tournament

Phantasy Star - The End of The Millenium


To me all these games serve a purpose in the collection. While I'm a fan of the Mega Man games, I do think it's strange to have all 6 NES games in there, while leaving out Ice Climber, which we played to death in Europe back in the day, and Zelda II, which may not be close to as good as the first one, but still an amazing classic. Track & Field II - fencing, taekwondo, arm wrestling, need I say more? I thing SNES Final Fantasy II & III and MD Phantasy Star are just as much, if not more classics than Earthbound for example. And I'm not giving up on Donkey Kong GB, as it's one of the best arcade adventure games ever made. Every game collection should have a good port of DOOM, any version of classic board game Othello and every available Zelda, Mario, Wario and Metroid game released for a Nintendo systems. I believe Kirby's Starstacker, Kuru Kuru Kururin and Chu Chu Rocket are extremely fun and addictive puzzle games. Paper Boy for NES is IMO better than the arcade version.

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can someone please get buzz over here hes asking questions at xbox scene that are very easy for me to answer (you can cut and paste this if you want)





use pixel perfect overscan or autofit.....auto fit will choose the most pixelperfect upscale to fit your defined window....pixel perfect overscan scales as much as it can to fill the screen and can over file the screen by 20 percent cutting some of the graphics....flicker filtering is done.....no need to turn off antialiasing or anything as it will be set by default to auto and if pixel perfect is being used it will disable any smoothing....there is also an option to run cps2 games in 6x4 instead of widescreen (10x11 ratio is the option)

also come to 1emualtion for easy info like this and also more about pixel perfect in final burn cores



please tell them as this stuff is easy easy easy and exactly what he wants...within 5 seconds he will have what he wants and doesnt need to spend hours tweaking things and hoping its right CoinOPS will do it in a sec and always be right no matter the res, the rotation or tv type


also ive stated many times jobo thankyou for games list but your timing is wrong...I need to know where im heading at present and why I want an

A-Game adding and optomising



answer so for this week ill keep asking if it gets no where ill decide again what I wish to do and progress on with it

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hmmmm there are 2 types of PNG you are using the wrong type :) turn intelacing the other way


when i was saving my png file it said it was on no interlacing, so i tried it the other way with interlacing on, same problem -black background-

what else can i try please?


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