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Final Burn Legends 1.0


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nes6502 you were right about Garou. Didn't think it would take 5 - 10 minutes to load that rom. That's unbelievable.


I can confirm that. On my side i don't play in HD, it needs a bit less than one minute to get the green screen (which is normal, C-X required kind of nasty decryption algo, 64 Mo of RAM are ridiculous at that point). Then i waited about one minute to see the game boot, then it runs perfectly. Hopefully it affects very few games - some Garou sets and kof99. I knew i've already heard about that kind of things in previous FBA-XXX normal and 1.28 pro version, sometimes some guys could wait for 5 minutes before start to play lol (in HD resolutions).


If anyone noticed more games who have this "problem" can you post them please.


Is anybody else getting a green screen just before the system logo appears when a NeoGeo rom loads? Doesn't affect anything, but could it be a problem with my NeoGeo bios?



That's absolutly normal, you can noticed the same thing in MAME or the official FBA. Just the bios checking what's in RAM.

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when i ran truxton first time it worked, but when i try to run it now it loads and has an error screen and wont go no further.




also when you take a screenshot in game, sometimes it comes up with the error about the game not being compatible, and that it has to exit.



btw. I love the way you can just resize the video in game and its saved seperate for each game. :lol:

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no worries is it poss for someone to post the ini file sometime of the game list please :lol: any new games supported on the xbox is always good news


I take it missing alot of older stuff? (like say donkey kong 1 2 and 3 or are most of the old classics now supported in FBA sorry I have no idea how far FB on PC has moved on)



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Hello nes6502,


I want to thank you for the wonderful Fba Legend. :lol:

Thanks for the hark work for create it. The UI is near perfect :P .Alot of options i like that :)


I'm Happy to see the xbox live :)


A big thanks to Kenshiro and Iq_132 , and all other who have help this projet to be alive




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gogoack took a look at the CPS2 (optomising is the the CPS1 video drawing though) driver for me and is helping me out optomising it for the same speed as FBA


yeah I havent downloaded an emu from a site in years :P ini would be better than a dat for me...


anyways all good Kenshiro MSN me the dat or the ini sometime or do you know of anything? just want to be able to play any new games not to interested in the code just for a look at any games I missed that are good from my arcade days really ill stay out of this thread but throw me some sugar sometime Kenshiro :lol:

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Spent some quality time with this emulator and all I can say so far is WOOOOOW!!!! :) FBL seems professionally done. It shows that a meticulous degree of work went into it. Everything with the GUI is perfect and, most importantly, the games I've played run awesome. Great driver code for CPS2, Neogeo, Cave, etc. I never imagined an app this good could be made for the Xbox. It's clearly the best emu on the XBox in my opinion, hands down.


Nes, (aka IronMan) you are a legend. :lol::P The bar you've set here is as high as it can possibly get and I'm honestly just blown away. FBL is just too good for words.

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hi nes6502,

first i must say fantastic emulator,fantastic gui and i love the start up screen....in other words well done on this release.


just a quick question regarding the megadrive emulation in legends,should i be able to use my roms from the neogenesis emulator or am i presuming wrong??

or maybe they have to be named a certain way.

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