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  1. This seems like a good place to jump in and catch up. THANKS so much for updating this phenomenal app, +T+!!!
  2. EDIT: Figured out the answer to my question. Again, a tremendous thanks to +T+, iq_132, kenshiro, everyone else mentioned in the latest readme, and...last but not least.. nes6502 for porting such a great app to the Xbox game system.
  3. Here's a question for you, iq_132 (or anyone who can answer it that knows). I see that you wrote a "Universal" VMM which is included in all of the recent updates to FBL. Does this apply only to the newly added PGM2 games or is this vmm working for every game in the emulator that requires Virtual memory management??
  4. Thanks so much for this splendid update!! Will try it out soon.
  5. Rather shocking to see all of these recent updates being made to FBL. Some heavy improvements and additions have been made that were once thought to be impossible on the Xbox. The new PGM2 games on Xbox? CPS3 games in FBL? Man, that's crazy. There's so much to be excited for. @iq_132: I have a question for you. Does the new universal VMM you wrote apply to all games that require VMM or is it core specific?
  6. Agreed. iq_132's abilities defy all mortal comprehension. An amazing feat to say the least.
  7. It's clearly apparent that iq_132 is a super genius. As if there were ever any doubt about that in the first place. We have such greatness to be thankful for now and even more to look forward to.
  8. Tremendous thanks for this new update to a marvelous emulator.
  9. Sweet release!! A truly sincere show of gratitude to everyone who worked so hard to make this possible. @ +T+ and Kenshiro: I own an HDTV. I'll test those games for you guys now if you still need it. Check your PM's shortly for a report.
  10. Not to knock anyone who wants pixel perfect, or Cospefogo. He knows a lot about native resolutions for vintage hardware and he really, really cares about this hobby (as we all do). But I'm not so convinced that there's a true way to define perfect pixels on a screen that's either 4:3 or 16:9 these days. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately for me, I literally grew up in US arcades at their peak. Over here, I can confirm with 100% certainty that "pixel perfect" was nonexistent then. And in my opinion, it still is now. Even on RGB monitors here, the games were all stretched to fill the screen, be it horizontally or vertically. No monitor here fit perfectly around CPS2's 384 x 224 resolution. NeoGeo MVS? It was filling our screens too and still looking gorgeous by those standards. Monitors were either 4:3 (mostly, and sometimes huge in size) or 3:4 for vertical shmups in major US arcades. Between 1990-2000, gamers dropped their coins into these machines and were still wowed by arcade graphics for two reasons: 1. the fact that most game consoles could not compete with arcade game performance then, whether polygonal 3D or 2D sprite based. 2. the vast majority of US gamers did not own an RGB monitor, therefore we were stuck with composite video or the terrible RF signal. Seeing an arcade game was like going from 20/50 vision to 20/20. I'm not dismissing pixel perfect or anyone who prefers to have it. I just realize that "pixel perfect" is a nonexistent concept in reality. It exists only in subjectivity and comes down to personal preference. Look at FBAL in 480p with Scanlines enabled on a 4:3 CRT. Or look at any of Madmab's edition of emulators in HD. Put them side by side with real hardware. Notice how much better the Xbox versions look. Lucky for me, I was able to do this with a few of my MVS and CPS2 boards just out of curiosity. The disadvantage some people claim the Xbox has of not being able to output native 240p is actually an advantage if the right initiative is taken. If anything, trying to make these games fit in visually with a primitive video standard is working backwards. In the end, it all really depends on user settings, what kind of display the user has, and what type of connection they're using from the Xbox to the display. Those 3 things are crucial. If someone wants to add pixel perfect to an emulator, there's no problem at all with it being included. But the notion that an emulator is somehow "disadvantaged" without it is a bit ignorant and shortsighted. Fact: Almost every graphical filter we use distorts the sprites. Yet, most don't care because they just want the games to "look better" to them. Pixel Perfect? No different. It is still distorting the image in a way that may or may not make it "look better" to a user. 99% of our console classics did not have borders on our screens. Just my personal take on it. The developers here will decide if they want to add it or not, but it's been a fun discussion for a moment.
  11. @Darknior: Do you have a 128MB ram Xbox? If so, then CPS3 does work in Final Burn Legends. What you have to do is load up either Coinops / MameoX128, then immediately exit (or reboot). After that, go into FBL and load up a CPS3 game. It will work at a decent framerate but below 60fps, which is still kind of remarkable considering it works with filters and 720p HD enabled. It looks amazing. Who knows what it would run like if it had VMM written for it. Adding VMM to CPS3 would probably be a pain in the ass. SFIII:New Gen, SFIII: 2nd Impact, RedEarth, Jojo's Venture, and Jojo's Bizarre Adv all work. However, SFIII: 3rd Strike gets an out of memory error even with 128MB!! I also noticed that all of the transparency effects are in FBL's CPS3 code. If you play Red Earth on both versions, you can see this. Sound is also superior in the FBL code. There is also a bug in the CPX3 emulator on Jojo's Venture 1 and 2. The final boss Dio Brando has a health glitch where he takes extreme damage while causing very little to the player. You can stand there and watch him hit you while waiting for time to run out. He can't kill you before the timer runs out even if you don't defend yourself. This bug is not in FBL's Jojo games. Do not be mistaken; I'm glad to have CPX3 on the Xbox, so no offense to the author. But CPX3 could have used a few more releases to iron a few things out. Or the source could have been released so that it could be improved upon by those who want to put in the effort. Still, it is a great time to be an Xbox owner. So many choices exist that we should appreciate.
  12. Holy crap. This is going to be quite intriguing.
  13. 100% agreed. I will buy both of these Day 1, even though I still own Saturn originals of both. Was lucky enough to snag both Guardian and RSG on launch over a decade ago.
  14. Quick question, Did anyone get the arcade version of Street Fighter III: Third Strike working? The romset is 'sfiii3n.zip' aka the NO-CD version. On my 128meg box, this set gives an out of memory error. I'm wondering if someone else here can test.
  15. Well...actually it was because my life had been consumed with ZsnexBox, FB, FBL, Nestopia, Xport additions, and OpenBOR. I decided to shift my time to other things (like life =)). The correction is duly noted. I really hope your life is going great. I'm sure that's the case for a person with your talent and character. Thank you Nes... for your gracious contributions and moving the scene along. It's an understatement. I won't speak for everyone else, but I know they appreciate your work and the time you put in it. Good to see you around here.
  16. Iq_132 definitely does not get forgotten, nor does the FBA team. Along with him and the FBA team, the MAME team/Haze, Xport, Nes6502 and Kenshiro -- those people are all responsible for so much on the emulation front in general. The fact is, the departure of nes6502 from the Xbox Scene due to unnecessary BS has left the community in state of realization. That was going to happen eventually, because Nes could really do updates. And like Xport, Nes also had the ability to bring new apps to the scene. On the subject of FBA, Kenshiro's loss definitely closes FBL at 1.3 for good. Kenshiro has the ability and knowledge to update the emulator from where it is now. He could do it rather easily in my opinion, but I definitely understand why he has said "to hell with it" lol. I don't know if people realize it, but iq_132 himself (who Kenshiro works closely with) has incorporated a LOT of new drivers into the official FBA lately (and he's still going). Kenshiro could have brought those over and made some more fixes in the process. No one can blame him for staying out of it now. Unless some poor soul with the skill to update FBL on the games front comes along and wishes to get involved in the typical ego pissing match with a select few "Gurus" of the Xbox Scene, I can't blame the people who know better for moving on from all of the BS. I wish the people who moved on the very best and appreciate how much of their lives they sacrificed for the Scene and other people's entertainment.
  17. Absolutely EPIC release once again nes6502. The quality of your contributions to the Xbox community cannot be overstated. It's a shame that the community is losing you, but what a ride it was. Your work will be sorely missed. I am once again expressing my sincerest gratitude for not only this, but all of your painstaking effort. Best of luck to you in whatever you do. :)
  18. Very nice work with yet another well designed skin, Cbagy. It truly is appreciated. Hope to see more in the future.
  19. This thread will get you started in the right direction: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31637
  20. Very cool, Gilou!! This is a useful way to show people just how amazing the Xbox really is as a retro gaming console. Thanks for this vid. I hope many people check it out over time.
  21. I have to agree with you here +T+. I use No-Intro sets as well, primarily for the bolded reason. So far I can't see that changing either. My vote was somehow recorded for Goodset, but it's really not a big deal. We all have our preferences and I don't think there's any disrespect to anyone based on that. The Xtras project will still be appreciated by many and credit to everyone who worked on it.
  22. When you don't have all of the .XBE files in the FBL folder, this is what happens. You'll get sent back to the dashboard before the start of any given game. The emulator having separate .XBE files seems to be a way that Nes6502 has chosen to optimize each core. It was a very good idea. In my opinion, doing what fumanchu said in the previous post is the best way to go for you. There is no point in releasing several different FBL's with the way Nes has handled it. He's optimized each core and continues to do so. Have fun OOKAMI.
  23. Actually, I did see that you put this in the release notes for v1.2. I was just wondering if FBL1.0 running it at 720P was some kind of weird oddity. That's a great analogy btw. I appreciate you explaining it to me.
  24. Nes, I noticed something a little interesting. I've found that Guwange runs beautifully in v1.0 at 720P resolution. There are no issues with it whatsoever. Does 720P require more resources to run the game than 1080i? Do you have an idea what changed to make it unplayable at 720P in versions 1.2 & 1.3? Just wondering.
  25. Simply excellent. Thanks for this nes!
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