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Explosive Breaker (Now Playable)

Blood Warrior (Now Playable with a little background glitches) ;)

Shogun Warriors (Now Playable)

Fujiyama Buster (Now Playable)


and last but not least


B Rap Boys (Now Playable)

B Rap Boys Special (Now Playable)



B Rap Boys : has a few minor glitchs in some areas(very very few) with objects appearing behind the guy when it should be infront of him, but not many and maybe fixable by iq and a solid 60fps

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Still Keepin my fingers crossed for Golden Axe II: Revenge of the Death Adder


I know the chances are slim tho otherwise I guess it would have been fixed already....


Man I can't get over how slick the showcase is it really is amazing wait till my mates see this and fall over dead through xbox jealousy woohahahahahaaaaAAAAA!



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heres a vid of b rap boys,looks like a good beat em up.


Agreed looks pretty original from the sunken ststue of liberty to fighting on a bike looks like a cool game. I love beatem ups the best out of all games (apart from scrolling shooters) they're very theraputic!

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