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  1. sbpaabck

    Coinops 3.

    I logged in just to vote one star.
  2. i know but there hard to find and the modchips i can find cost £30 plus shipping.... if they were cheaper i would consider it this box has no leads or pads either so i might take the rom out and bin it if you have the following games you can softmod it again GAMES SOFTMODDING SUPPORTS: 1. James Bond - Agent Under Fire 2. Splinter Cell 3. Mech Assult - 1st Release oh yeh this could work and you have all the tools already if I remember rightly. good thinking lordpro!
  3. sounds like the dash has been wiped, sorry but unless it boots backups its pc fix time or mod chip time although somebody cleverer than I may have some suggestions...
  4. Great work guys your brains must be massive! Well done! Cant wait to try all these new games!
  5. Lovely ! You got it finished! well done it looks fantastic. I know you must have a few xboxes but is it running using the xbox I modded and upgraded the hdd for you? (like the idea of an xbox I helped with being in a cab )
  6. good replies, I will have to try some of these!
  7. Same here. This is trend that appeared about 2 years ago (after Cospefogo pointed this out). I had a try and never feel excited. Well, everyone has his own trip. lol each to their own, i've been trying to use pixel perfect and those edges still look jaggy no matter what I do! hehe feel better for having it on than having it off if you know what I mean. Erm... yeah
  8. Extremely unlikely to ever see this in a playable state on fbal. The more I improve it on coinops the more it runs like crap. The tradeoffs are graphics or frame rate. You get one or the other. For fba, I would have to port the cpu core, graphics routines, and a lot of intermediate junk. You're not looking at a few hour process. Even after that, there's no guarantee that it would run at a decent frame rate at all. oh lol sorry should've read this first. Sounds fair enough to me.... How about a dedicated xbox emu stripped down to run this game and this game alone? Or one built just for this game? IQ, is there just not enough grunt in the xbox? I appreciate it would take too long to do this unless you had a real desire to do it for yourself or if you were getting paid a pretty penny for your time! Anyways thanks for the above post nice to know the issues behind the lack of death adder 2. Cheers
  9. Thats a good shout, would really like to see that implemented in a future update, the ability to disable audio for video previews. I always thought that feature was missing every time I play FBL and would be cool to see it added. Also I know I shouldn't be requesting game drivers etc, but its such an important game I thought I'd request it anyway. "Golden Axe II revenge of death adder" is very glitchy in coinops. Could such a thing ever be ported over to FBL and working 100%? Thanks omg I forgot about that game, I gave up hope of it working in coinops as it couldn't be fixed for whatever reason. I think because of extremely complicated driver issues. Shame because that game looks excellent and I never even saw it in the arcade so would love to play it properly (the glitches render is a bad gaming experience!) well suggested! I second that! che che check it!
  10. More of a port tbh but if you haven't tried Streets of Rage Remake you haven't lived! This game is amazing! The music rocks! I love it!!!!!!
  11. Ugh, just be thankful that person doesn't ruin I mean reside in this forum anymore! much better without him i'd say Indeed. In fact, I only returned here because he left. True story. Holy hell, I just realised you're from the Toon! Small world. Wie aye man, big up the Heaton Massive! Where in the toon you from?
  12. Coooool, I have just recently watched all the Gundams and I am a massive fan! Gundam 00 is pretty cool! SETSUNA F SEIII lol
  13. Ugh, just be thankful that person doesn't ruin I mean reside in this forum anymore! much better without him i'd say
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