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well since iq_132 is on a roll, BP knows whats coming next from me.


Could ( iq_132 ) you consider looking at these little gems.

Some real old (drivers included already i think) and some as recent as what youve already added.


LightGun Games ! (yeah)


lethal enforcers / series

locked n loaded

golgo 13

silent scope / series

laser ghost

golly ghost

ghost hunter

ghost panic

ghost squad

born to fight

confidential mission

cycle shooting

death crimson

crime patrol / series

evil night

extreme hunting

gunblade ny

judge dredd

invasion the abductors

hell night

johnny nero


lord of gun

Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting (Japan)

police 911 / series

vcop / series

Any American Laser Games.


Not much i know but hey it keeps your mind active. You could even enjoy the challenge.

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lethal enforcers / series	-- maybe
locked n loaded			-- no - not even working in MAME
golgo 13			-- dream on
silent scope / series		-- dream on
laser ghost			-- no
golly ghost			-- maybe
ghost hunter			-- maybe
ghost panic			-- Ghoul Panic -- lol not a chance
ghost squad			-- lmao. get the fuck out of here
born to fight			-- maybe
confidential mission		-- lmao. you did check maws right?
cycle shooting			-- very possible
death crimson			-- lmao. you didn't check maws.
crime patrol / series		-- no - not even working in MAME
evil night			-- no - not even working in MAME
extreme hunting			-- this list is hilarious
gunblade ny			-- no
judge dredd			-- ha. seriously. ha.
invasion the abductors		-- lol. no.
hell night			-- no - not even working in MAME
johnny nero			-- no - not even working in MAME
h.o.t.d.			-- lol
lord of gun			-- no - not even workign in MAME
Mobile Suit Gundam Final Shooting-- not on maws??
police 911 / series		-- lol get the fuck out. seriously. get.
vcop / series			-- no
Any American Laser Games.	-- lol not a chance.


Seriously. Check maws before you ask. lol


Anywho, i will definitely take a look at lethal enforcers.

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How does lightgun input actually work in CoinOps? Is it possible to use mouse input to control a gun cursor or is it specifically tied to an xbox lightgun? I'd have tried out a usb mouse already but I can't find the adapter I made eons ago.


I only ask because of the AimTrak that was recently announced ( more info here http://www.ultimarc.com/aimtrak.php ). It seems like this thing would solve most of the calibration issues with the lightgun games since it emulates a mouse. It would be a very DIY option that I might be interested in pursuing.

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LOL. No i just picked random shit from the list, didnt check em proper.

Was multi tasking at the time !


Mobile Suit Gundam Final Shooting - Special in 0079


PS. Now admit it. You enjoyed the list !

It was either that or another 50 requests for Street Fighter clones as we dont see many of those do we ?

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I wont be looking into Light gun games at all really...not sure how it works as ive never really looked at it, just added a patch.


Im not that interested in updating the Neo Geo core unless alot of people want to as most games will have different roms and they are large and I wont really seen any diff in speed...they seem to play well now.

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