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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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For the second time.

haha Williams is such a badass in that movie.

"please understand, if I missed anyone, its been a big day. I'm a little tired"

(after choosing 5 women to sleep with)


watched the bourne ultimatum last night, it had been awhile since I seen it.

I'm in the mood for a comedy tonight, maybe anchorman.

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Just watched Iron Man the other day. It was decent. It could have been alot worse. It did better than the majority of comic book adaptations. Just look Ghost Rider and both Fantastic 4's, as well as Superman, Spider Man 3, and the X men movies. All of those are complete crap


So this is doing better than average.


Robert did a great job as Tony, but I agree with GameCop, he was just alittle too silly. But overall, I liked it.

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The Incredible Hulk.


I actually liked it. better then Iron Man imo.

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