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  1. put out some lucky charms and catch a leprachan
  2. A new 720p skin Called papercab here are some pics http://www.mediafire.com/?m4ot0myyzim
  3. I would be afraid of ants if I did that. Maybe racoons to.
  4. my arcade skin for 720p http://www.mediafire.com/?lym5dmwdkug
  5. you can get the soundtracks off of the sega saturn versions of those games in 16 bit 44100 wav format
  6. Do New Yorkers really cower in terror every time a airplane fly's over? Do we really need to spend 400k on why gay men like to get drunk and have sex. I know plenty of straight folks that get drunk and bang. Somehow I see this attached to trying to restrict gay marriages in the U.S. What I really want to know is where did the 10 billion dollars we gave to Pakistan end up?
  7. The thing about beat em up's that I dislike the most is a lack of a block button most of the time.Why the hell didnt it evolve the next logical step would be to add a block button. Guardian Heroes is one of the best beat em ups ever.
  8. If your just starting out with fighting games imo its best to stay on the ground rather then jumping into your opponent. Work on your ground combo's. King of Fighters and SVC are good examples that work well with ground combo's. Games like MvsC1 and 2 Have jumping deep hits that set up certain combo's. This is just my opinionated take based on my experience and how different 2D fighters feel to me.
  9. could be a third party accessory causing interference. um you could put it in another room and play with realllly long tv cables.
  10. good remix vid . those crazy youtubers are fun.
  11. nature only provides when you provide for nature. Farming is hard work and less than 2% of the worlds population are active as farmers. If the economy crashes and anarchy rules expect cannibalism after all the canned foods are gone because they aint no seeds in the city. money power respect keeps you eating right
  12. The service plan for the iphone is way to much imo.
  13. Smoking is a terrible habit and non smokers shouldnt have to deal with second hand smoke in public places. By all means smoke in your house war on terrorism= a term coined by gwb to invoke fear . war on terror was a joke all it did was strip us of our rights and alienate us from the rest of the united nations. abortion if you dont want the kid why should you go through 9 months then raise it for the next 18 years? even though it was unplanned/unwanted?People do what they want but we will always have conservative opinions telling us what is right and what is wrong
  14. good stuff. I like the girl photoshops.I make stuff sometimes this is way old but funny wheres john conner meow here something I photoshopped recently for a skin idea this one was real hard if you see the original you will know why
  15. Rage against the machine is not like any other band. let's hope they make a new album
  16. bruce willis would make a good jet. maybe not..
  17. This is to funny I just started to look into gamecube emulation. I have the latest 64 bit dolphin build I'm working on dumping some gamecube games.
  18. I tried to join the air force but I was to fat.
  19. I only update every stable mame release. I skip over the u versions. For example 130u2 130u3 etc . I will update when it reaches 131 and then again at 132 etc. Its perfectly fine to use older romsets but you should be using the corresponding mame version for better performance. I still use mame 116u3 for cps3 games sometimes but I also have the cps3 116u3 mame set.
  20. It worked when I tried the sfiii3, turns out that I was using sfiii instead. Forgot about the 3. When I launched the game the first time, it had an over 20 minute wait time about something rewriting to CDrom, do you know what that is about? Also, for games like samurai showdownV, there were also some CRC errors, but the game runs fine and I can't detect any errors. So does that mean that those two files that the CRC didn't match doesn't really matter? Your going to have to rebuild your romset. My recommendation is to use clrmamepro. It might seem confusing at first but its good to keep your romset current. @Hera probably missing some files.
  21. whoa this thread makes me sad.
  22. use clrmamepro with the latest mame dat from logiqx to check your set.It should fix up all your errors.
  23. There is a new medication that blocks nicotine receptors. Instead of getting a fix or enjoying a cig the brain is simply un able to feel the nicotine. It reduces cigs down to foul tasting non satisfying habit. A friend of mine forgot to take his pill when he tried to quit he went out for a smoke and said wow I caught a buzz this feel's good. Immediately he released why.
  24. 2 manfayes is 2 to many. did spike ever smile in CB? Keanu seems a bit stiff to play spike.
  25. Your face. Can't. I'm not a woman or a gay to ride a horse. Yes, No it was Blacknight, Yes. Everyone forgets I punt babies on the m00n with a game I call Infantball.
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