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The Big ass Street Fighter IV thread


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As I said on the official forum. He's generic as HELL.


Bad Story.

Bad Looking.

Bad Design.


The only plus side is it looked likes they ripped him straight out of the early 90s/late 80s.

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You know what will be cool? to see this dude (below) from Rival Schools (or some other fighters from that game) featuring in SF4 :(

I mean RS has a badass fighters and I personly prefer to see reused fighters instead of some lame new fighters who has no story and their design is boring and most of the time ugly *cough*Abel*cough*

What do you think?



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Move Set:








Alright, Officially, I'm slumped. When Ono meant ST, he really meant it, Chunny is all ST. Charge fireball, charge super, charge ultra too. They even added her now crappy overhead kick from Alpha (it was the bomb in Alpha 2, but sucked completely in A3). A COMPLETE step back from what we've seen in CvS2 and Third Strike.

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They shouldn't bring anymore new characters in, what they should do is bring in characters from Street Fight III and Alpha.


Agreed. Or at least bring in more familiar faces before introducing these shallow new designs.


Oh and SF1 too. I'm hooked on my Eagle. Retsu not so much but I don't like any of the other SF ninja types. I don't count Vega as a ninja so yeh..

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