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IRC Channel (#1emu) Information


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Goto Gamesurge #1emu for funs and giggles :P -Diso


• IRC Channel Information


-» Server: EFNET | irc.efnet.net (Redirector)

-» Channel: #1emu

-» Link: irc://irc.efnet.net/1emu

-» Java IRC Client - Click here!











• Getting Started

Please use one of the tutorials below if you're a beginner.


--» http://mirc.com/irc.html (Introduction to IRC)

----» http://mirc.com/ircintro.html (IRC FAQ)

--------» http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/mirc.html [mIRC / Windows]

--------» http://snak.com/SnakQuickstart.html [snak / Macintosh]

--------» http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/irctutorial.html [ircII / UNIX]

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Whenever you entered 1emu IRC, recently, it was like walking into a doctors office in where the doctor has no patients, you where the only one there, and the only person you could talk to was the white thing behind your back known as the wall.

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I always found it funny that people would join the channel and expect everyone else to talk right away. Usually it takes an hour or so for someone to check the window and respond, but oh well. It's not I'm expecting everyone to be idle 24/7, just for more than 4 minutes.

Ah well, if we ever feel like reviving it we could.

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