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IRC Channel (#1emu) Information


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With this talk, thought maybe something was happening, but no.


Only people is @Cludney (whoever that is), and omegadox (the dolphin dev). So i left immediately.


Still have the trivia bot, but there is no need to use it.

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It's GameCop's fault really. If he'd of just supported our GameSurge venture instead of trying to replace us with the Fknet one, we would've still had a nice IRC community. We were doing fine those days, until fake 1Emu showed up, with the bloody bots and whatnot. Ah, I remember those days with Ghosty, emoboi, wiz, mago, HELL even weirdy was there! I miss those days... hatechu GC, you took away my IRC days...

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Talking of revivals... appearently I was ircing it up after the high time. Lets see... Diso Robert LSD Gamecop Fatal Blacknight and Reaperman... good ole Reaperman. I remember the conunderance he rought that day. Mooney was there to witness it too, LSD and Blacknight as I recall were there as well. Solidius came on every so often, along with Jitway. There were others that came on, but they always had different names there so I never knew who they were.


Then it was dead. Deader than deal. Its like here, no one is on to fuel the flame... Oh I remember the time Cinder "akihiro" Solidius Diso and myself started an Unreal Tournament fest on a server set up by Cinder. I want to get those going again, but we would need others to join in the fun. But thats off the subject, so I digress.


But yea, IRC had some good times for me even though I seemed to miss the highpoint.

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I registered the Gamesurge one again #1emu.

Click link in sig or just pop in there to say hi. Wherever our final server destination takes us, I rather have one with server-side services/bots so we don't have to worry about takeovers, bot flockups (lol efnet 1emu), etc.

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