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  1. Another wifi homebrew application wich doesn't work to me All I can to get is (after of to introduce no password): "Waiting..." I can't understand it, because all settings is correct: IP server, IP DS, gateway, DNSs, WFC data correct (with WEP) used by Mario Kart game... repeat: All correct in original game play. But homebrew wifi don't work, in fact, it has never worked... I'm very frustrated _. -. _. -._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-. _. -. _ Edit: Yeah! It already works! The problem was that the damn Windows XP firewall was activated (surely by my antivirus software). Thanks Sintax for this interesting program
  2. Pardon for my impatience, but... There is news about release date (approximated) of PointyRemote's next version? I can't wait, mainly now that finally it will have WEP support Greetings.
  3. Well, the Stephen Stair's WiFi Lib/Source 0.3 with WEP support and a lot of things more is release finally!
  4. I have the same problem that you A great pain, with the awesome that seems this utility.
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