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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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maybe we should make a little brain storm,,,


Follow my idea..



may be you could add some Control screens for some programs.. like winamp, Windows media plater.. and maybe a option to anyone make their own program control.. ( something like ds2key, but more visual )



got my ideia?

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Hey, I'm using an M3 Slim SD and when i start up my DS it gives me a warning that says:


Warning! NDS GAME SAVE in card but CANNOT for AUTOSAVE backup file. Backup fail! Press A to continue.


YEah, its really realy anoying because not only can i not get this app to work, but i can't save any of the connectiopn info and i have to keep re-entering it.


Anyway, here's my prob and yes i know many many poeple have this same problem. None of the solutions worked for me....


1. I start up the server

2. I start my DS... warning pops up...

3. I start Pointyremote.ds.gba

4. I go to 'Connect to an AP'

5. I go to 'Search for an AP'

6. I select my router

7. I enter in everything... and i'm pretty sure it's all coprrect.. but it says that the WEP: off.... does this mean anything becasue when i checked all my connection info for MArio Kart, it had a WEP entered. I'm guessing that's part of the problem?

8. I get connected....

9. I choose UDP Test (Pointy Remote)

10. I change teh IP suggested to the server IP

11. Then two black screens pop up and there is a really tiny green dot on the uper one.

12. I push A + B.... nothing happens....

13. I push select.... type sum stuff hit enter.... a bunch of green bars pop up.

14. I push A+ B again... nothing happens.... again...



Can somebody pleeassssseeeee help....

EDIT: Oh yeah, and where do i put in the IP address of the computer i'm tryign to connect to. I'm using a router and I'm not sure if i just put the IP of the router (which s connected to the comp im tryign to connect to) or the Comp. hmmmmmm i want this sooooooo bad.....

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Ok.... I'mpretty sure its my router's firewall that isn't letting me in... It's pretty complicated but these are the things it's asking me for:


Special Application: @ Enable 0 Disable


Name: Pointy Remote



-Protocol: TCP/UPD/ICMP/ or * for all (which one?)

-Port Range: 8888???? (i'm not sure about this one)



-Protocol: TCP/UDP/ICMP/ or * for all (which one?)

-Port: 8888???? Or this one


(It's a U.S. Robotics router)

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