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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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HI im new here

and i'm just posting this because i think i need 3 posts to use PMs

i'm not sure w/e :(

Just don't SPAM, or I'll remove your posting and PM abilities altogether.


In other words: you shouldn't post just so that you can get access to PMs. make an effort in actually contributing something.

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Hi, newbie here from France !


My name is Franck, playing games since 1987 with Ghost'n'Goblins, Double Dragon on Arcade, then Amstrad, Amiga, Super Nes, Playstation, Dreamcast, PC, Xbox, PS2, DS, Xbox 360.


I went here by some links about CoinOPS emu on the first Xbox, It would be great to know what the rules are in order to downloading files on the forum.


Hoping it will be a great place to stand by, see ya !


PS: Sorry for my english !

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new guys are fresh blood for doyouwanttodies cornflakes.

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