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  1. well i dont' mind having the clones i can delete them but for some reason neogeo doen't work, i had fbaxx pro 1.28 with mame roms then i got baed and i noticed the neogeo roms that it came with dint' work
  2. HI im new here and i'm just posting this because i think i need 3 posts to use PMs i'm not sure w/e
  3. i just got a fbaxx with rom set i ftp it to my xbox but i noticed the neogeo roms dont' work it says it needs so many files i had all the neo geo roms working on another fbaxx that i had created myself i used mame version of the Neogeo games and put them on the fbaxx rom folder and they worked perfectly i just want to know if i need to replace all the neogeo roms with mame roms to make them work, or is there an easier way to get them to work. next question i was using an earlier version of fbaxxx and i noticed that when i pressed the back buttons and start i would go to a cheat menu, wehre i could choose blood, infinite hp, hidden characters and stuff like that, then i obtained a newer version of fbaxx and it doesn't work anymore, is there another button configuration to get to that menu or they removed it from the emulator completely, I don't want to use bootlegs or hack versions of the game, i only want to keep the original copy of the game. which leads to the next question which its better to keep, the set 1, set 2, decrypted, encrypted, or which version of the game and which are the advantages of each? last question My dad used to have several SNK arcade machines, some people used to come every week collect the coins and fix the machines, when the game was too easy they would change the difficulty level and the game would turn a lot harder, level 10 i think it was pretty much unbeatable. is there an option in the emulator to do the same? i wish there was a full working, with no clones or hacks, up to date, set out there :*( baed 3b was not as good as it sounds
  4. i have most of the KOf games up to 2002 running on my fbaxxx emu but for some reason i cant get 2003-2005 to work i'm not sure if 2004 and 2005 are real games or just fake edited versions since it says bootleg (if they are authentic which should i download there is like 3 different versions for each and idk what the difference is) i got so many versions of those games but none of them seem to work i'm pretty sure i have the latest fbaxxx emu I also would like to know all the kof games playable on the xboox and a list of all the playable metal slug games would be nice
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