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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Hi i'm XxHellsFuryxX (no relation to hellsfury) little late on the party just wanted to say hi all even though i been here for a while and know some of you, and yes Tynvar im still trying to get that pic of my megaman tattoo up, can't find the stupid cable to upload the pic. :)


You've prob seen most of my pointless posts in xbox, the big black pooping, popping, freezing, joy machine. :naughty:


You can catch my other name on xb-scene Xtecuterx73, couldnt think of anything better, blah. One of my small Very very, small contributions to the xbox emus was the correct color palette fix for Mednafenx-nes, which i couldnt have done without another member compiling and releasing it. My other hobbies include modding tony hawk and vice city xbox games, long walks on the beach, smoking ciggs, getting tattoed, and yes playing old school nes tunes on my gibson, im proud to say i can play the opening to journey to silius stage 1 (great song) and metalman stage flawless as well as big blue from f-zero and yes how could i forget flame mammoth and storm eagle. Yea lol, i could go on and on...but i dont want to bore you guys ;)


and as you can see i spend most of my time on here "Dead"



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