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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Hi everyone, I didn't see I could introduce myself in a polite way before, sorry.


I'm stf. I'm from an "old" generation of gamers (Oric Atmos, Amstrad CPC, Amiga...).

I've been passionned by videogames for a long time, also because I worked 15 years as a manager of a videogames store in France. I discovered mame in 2001 and have never stopped updating it, and now follows every emulation's work in progress.


I still have hardware in my home like Amiga, 2 Xbox, Xbox360, PS3, Euro Saturn, Jap Saturn (180 original games), jap Dreamcast, euro PS2, jap white PS2, PSP, NDS, Wii, Euro PSOne, Jap Playstation, 1 PC online, 1 PC offline (advantage of working in a shop).


I discovered this site recently and it seems to be the starting point of a lot of enjoyable projects. I like to contribute (I'm unfortunately not a coder) and actually spend time with BP online to bring help.


This site is international and is a very good gamer's experience as a very good human experience too. :( .

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Welcome xxHelssFuryxx and Mother Eater.


Please level up as fast as you can! :)


thanks robert, yea i am already at 67 so im working my way to 100 and see what the guilds offer if they are interested at all, lol. :)




yea i know i kinda have a troll name with the x's. lol

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