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  1. Mario Kart, Super Ghouls'n'Ghost, Donkey Kong Country, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Zelda 3, FF 6 (or 3 for US people), Chrono Trigger... This console has so many great games !
  2. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Super Mario Kart Secret of Mana Super Bomberman 3 Great games forever !
  3. Hi, I've got the IgnitePublicFinalBETA release, don't know if this release is great, wanted to know if it was possible to cut the screen as we like (like many others emulators on Xbox), the emulator image exceed my TV screen... Hopin you understand what I mean ! Thanks !
  4. Hi, I've got IgnitePublicFinalBETA, and I can't find the remap for thruttle and fast forward, is there any way to get it on this release, please ? -edit- ok, these are on the final version !
  5. Hi, newbie here from France ! My name is Franck, playing games since 1987 with Ghost'n'Goblins, Double Dragon on Arcade, then Amstrad, Amiga, Super Nes, Playstation, Dreamcast, PC, Xbox, PS2, DS, Xbox 360. I went here by some links about CoinOPS emu on the first Xbox, It would be great to know what the rules are in order to downloading files on the forum. Hoping it will be a great place to stand by, see ya ! PS: Sorry for my english !
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