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Official: Happy Birthday to.... Thread


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it's JKKDARK's bday today.

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Happy Bday Fuuuuu!

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Happy Belated B-Day Fumanchu and LSD!


Thanks Inky... Get to drinking you say... perhaps. Going shopping for a TV today... fucking WalMart didnt have a "sale" sign on that Samsung I wanted... so when I went last night it was back up to $500... bastards. Yea I'm hitting up as many stores as I can think of.


EDIT: Oh yea... today also marks my 2nd year here.

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fuck that, eat too much cake! it's your birthday!


Now it is your chance..



1 member is celebrating his/her birthday today


well not till tomorrow. I guess it is my b-day in Australia! :(


I've got to work tonight, tomorrow I have tickets to the Brian Setzer Orchistra :naughty:

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