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  1. Salt The Wound To The Top Of the new album Kill The Crown....Really like this group. Some heavy shit. Good lyrics too.
  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I lost my dog after 15 years, a little over a year ago and I am still not over it. They become like a part of your family and heart.
  3. I prefer the subs but have watched the dubbs in many eps. My niece on the other hand is too lazy to read so she likes the dubbs.
  4. Now they are being hit by a huge cyclone...freaky weather. Cyclone
  5. This is one of my favorite anime out there. Even turned my niece on to it and she loves it. Next would be Rurouni Kenshin.
  6. Happy Birthday emsley, Paul hope you had a great one as I surely did at least what I remember of it.
  7. Looks like it is getting some world wide coverage through Yahoo. Egypt Protest
  8. Nice read there Paul. Keep up the good work.
  9. I fuckin second that My Darkest Hour The Sadist Nation Going to see these guys in March.
  10. It seems the coasts of Australia are being hammered by different storms and cyclones. Seems the only place safe is in the middle. Feel for them know what mass flooding can do to experiencing it myself.
  11. Only a few people on the net know more about GC and his true identity, but alas we are sworn to secrets. But it is good to see others meeting up here. Maybe one day I will come and see a few of you.
  12. Interesting think I will give it a spin and let you know what I think.
  13. Seems this happened in a town called Toowoomba and was next suppose to cause flooding in Brisbane. They got a shit load of rain I guess like 6 inches in a hour. So any one know how far Robert lives from this? Tsunami
  14. Merry Christmas to all my friends here. Hope yours was good. Best part is being around family and the good food. I got a flat pad charger and some accessories for my rock band game.
  15. Grand Traverse and coke some of the best smooth whiskey at it's price.
  16. I use http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/ for most of my resources or http://iclarified.com/finder/index.php both have nice tutorials. I have used GreenPois0n and it works good on 4.1 but make sure you don't upgrade the baseband or you will not be able to unlock at this time. There is lots of advise on how to do this on both those sites.
  17. Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood (Volbeat Cover) - Atreyu
  18. Some old crap mostly here. Getting older sucks, time just seems to fly the older I get. I am attending as many rock/metal concerts that I can afford to go to. Got another on on the 21st going to see Suicide Silence. Getting lots of autographs and shit signed by groups. Just saw Children of Bodom and got shirt and cd signed by all. Looking forward to fall because summer has been hot a hell here I hate the heat. Playing lots of Guitar Hero the new one and looking forward to Rock Band 3.
  19. Five Finger Death Punch FFDP Children Of Bodom COB Slayer Slayer AC/DC AC/DC In This Moment INTM Suicide Silence Suicide Silence Shadows Fall Shadows Fall Lamb Of God LOG Job For Cowboy Job For Cowboy Avenged Sevenfold AX7 I could go on and on since I have about 400 to 500 on my hard drives I listen too but this is a start. AX7
  20. iPhone is the way to go on emulators for old school gaming. Love mine.
  21. If I drink beer it is on as a chaser for the tequila but mostly I drink the tequila straight
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