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  1. Dope - I'm Back I'll put a gun to your head and pull the trigger
  2. Drowning Pool - Tear Away Classic song best lyrics I don't care about anyone else but me God damn I love myself
  3. Mine was worse then yours Paul believe me.
  4. Well that night was one of the worst if not the worst birthday party I ever had. My son wanted to find some girls brother. Everyone left me up front saying it was too rough and no one wanted to party with me and my son and his girlfriend fought the whole way home cause he was looking at the waitress ass at hooters afterwards. I want a do over.
  5. Happy Birthday to you Paul and of course me. Hope yours is as good as mine will be.
  6. Well I am going to concert with 6 others and we are traveling up north a bit to Fort Wayne. Seeing Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Flyleaf. I am going to smoke and drink so much that who knows what I will do, hell I may end up in the county slammer. :)
  7. Hey don't diss the mouse. Mickey is the king of cartoons.
  8. Hey what happens at concerts stays at concerts
  9. Damn 5 that is a bit much you think? Anyway ya I know the rule and why I have 2 in left and 1 in right. Just dyed my hair and goatee as well was getting too damn gray...damn you old age.
  10. So we have we heard the song Paul? Thanks going to get me a reaper next
  11. Well with the birthday coming up my wife got me a present and here they are.
  12. I just looked back like 8 pages and couldn't find that pic, so it's further back...and you have issues if you know it's been posted before lol No I mean it's just a rediculously old over posted picture, kinda like you did with this one: I mean honestly, who hasn't seen this. I would tear that a new asshole but honestly she would never look way period.
  13. Jailbroke 2 ipods for my sister and niece. Then hosted one hell of a party. Had like 20 people over and enough booze to fill a battleship. Played Rock Band and Guitar Hero all night long. Don't remember going to bed at all. They said I knocked over the Wii off the fireplace mantle and it amazing still works after crashing to the hardwood floor. They said I spilled a beer on one of the guitar controllers as well and that even still works. We also played various drinking games like beer pong and Quarters. I just know when I woke up in the morning most everyone was still here sleeping in all the different bedrooms and all over the floor of the living room. Made a big breakfast for all. All in all one hell of a time just wish I could remember it all.
  14. That has to be their greatest Album I think. Also try Season in the Abyss I am going to see them in February this will be the second time in 7 months seeing them can't wait. They rule the speed metal world.
  15. Be safe and switch to newsgroups. Yes they cost but it is a small price to pay. You can get unlimited access to the same as torrents for just 11 a month. Take it from someone who got caught on DC and torrents and did not pay heed to the warning. In the end it cost me 5 grand. Oh and on a side note Jiggs is this the Jiggs from the DC days?
  16. I would do all three but then I would be a divorcee so that is too high a price for me too pay. Still a nice dream too have.
  17. Ya tells more about the great GC why don't ya. Anyway Ryan you just got to know how to say when when it comes to alcohol and women. Just hang in there and talk to women with your heart. They can sure tell when you are sincere and truly want to be their friend and not lover.
  18. Lets us know what bar your tend at. I may just take a trip up that way to have a drink or 2 or 3...lol. Glad to hear things are looking up Ken.
  19. Yes a very happy 25th birthday to you. Hope you have a good one. Don't eat too much cake.
  20. Did you talk to Daath? I talked to the lead singer and bassist before. Saw them at Ozzfest a couple years back. Even got a bass string from the bassist he ripped it right off his bass for me.
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