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  1. Pantera - Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MX-9CvMKCU
  2. January report says Microsoft's next machine will attempt to thwart used games too. Even the new PS4 will be this way. This is sure going to hurt companies like Gamefly and Gamestop if this is true. I think it is a bunch of crap. So if this is true and comes about you will never see me buying the new consoles. I feel if I buy a game used then I have the right to play it, hell I buy a lot of games used simply because I hate paying top dollar for a new game then find out it sucks or I hate it. http://news.cnet.com...=news&tag=title Here is full story And some pne move this as I did not me
  3. Mindshare and skill moves along. Homebrew on consoles, handhelds and mobiles is taking over and evolving far more healthily PC-based emulation did. I agree but still there is a lack of interest in today's youth. I see it in my grand kids. Even in my nieces and nephews.
  4. A lot of Seagate drives are not compatible with XBox. I would say that is the problem. Try a Western Digital they work the best in my opinion.
  5. Yep emulation seems to be on the back burners for most as of now. Probably from the lack of interest from the new generation. Like my grandkids they say what is pac-man. If it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the newest game then they don't what to play it. Me growing up playing all these arcade classics is what got me into emulation. I hope it truely never dies.
  6. Ya as Alpha said Magnis and Me use to run the DC Hubs for 1Emulation. I had to stop running hubs because of the RIAA and MPAA. I got cease and desist letter finally after being threatin 5 times from being caught filesharing. Last letter I got was 21 pages long from all the shit I was sharing. I once thought about running a hub outside the USA since it is not as easy getting caught overseas. I miss the days of DC, mainly all the good chats I had with fellow filesharers. DC is still being used and quite popular outside the USA. I still visit a couple hubs of friends I have made over the years.
  7. Once again congratz to the new mods and admin. Also Alpha things starting to look up around here. Fantastic job.
  8. Congrats to all the new mods and admins. Good to see old as well as new faces here. Hopefully this place will become the place of old again.
  9. I have been playing Rocksmith for the 360 for the last few days. I got to say that even though I can play the guitar it is quite fun. It really teaches you how to play and has quite a learning curve built in. Love that you can buy extra songs even though it comes with about 18 there were not many I cared for. But the songs they have for download like some from Megadeth are quite challenging to play. Just my 2 cents. All budding guitar virtuoso's out there should give it a try.
  10. Hey if you look for the negative you will always find it. I like the internet, it helps me stay update with my friends and family as well as all the Bands that I like to keep track of.
  11. This right here sums it up.....Quote.. The argument on whether this bill should go ahead has nothing to do with piracy or your opinions on that. Whether you think piracy is the worst thing ever or everybody's right, there are other, far better and fairer ways of preventing it. This argument is about not giving the US government control over the internet, it's about not letting capitalism and greed poison the genuine freedom of the net....End Quote. This bill is just the big guys pushing the little guy around. I am all for protecting peoples rights to piracy of their things but this bill just i
  12. Music and anything to do with it....like listening to it or playing guitar. If I had no music I would most likely die. Alcohol, I don't drink everyday but I love my tequila and have some usually twice a month. Drugs well I like pot but I don't smoke it all the time just say once a month or so.
  13. Hardcore Superstar - Last Call For Alcohol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fThBIaSVBnk
  14. To all my friends here I wish you a prosperous and happy New Year. May you have a great one, and don't drink to much I know I will.
  15. Nice to see the changes made. Really good work there all.
  16. I had just got up to go to work. At that time I worked 2nd shift at a factory. I had a relative that worked in the South Tower and desperately tried to get a hold of her. All I got repeatedly was her voice-mail. She was never found. It was a very sad day for me and I called in for work. The one thing though that sticks in my mind was how quiet it was for a couple days after since all flights were grounded. It was strange to hear no planes in the air. I blame the leaders of the United States for making it so easy for immigrants to get papers and attend schools over here. I always said we w
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