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  1. The brightness blinds me...lol. Looks good though...any chance of a darker skin?
  2. Glad to see it is back up. Nice work you two.
  3. Fascinating. About the hearing loss, have you ever seen anybody put plugs in their ears (much like the ones drummers use) during all your years of experience? And I'll never buy a woman a drink. That's a major no no for any man encapsulating the ways of the alpha male. Majority of attractive women get into clubs for free as it is. For the men inside to give them drinks for free too will undoubtedly put their egos on pedestals that no man will be able to take home for the night. I got to ask though, wasn't it hard going to clubs with your wife? Especially, having to deal with all the other
  4. Ya happens to me all the time it is a Skype thing. Usually mine leave voice messages and they are blank. But I use Skype all the time. WIfe loves it, she uses it to video chat with her family that live out of town.
  5. Use to do it big time back in the 80's when Disco was still in. My wife and I would go every weekend to a couple different ones around here. I also use to go a lot when I was in the service especially overseas where it is even bigger than here in the States. Love to dance and drink it up. Nice clean fun and doesn't really cost a lot. Though if you are single and a male you do have to watch out for the ones that want you to buy them drinks all the time cause it sure can add up. Had a few friends of mine experience this. If you are female then there are plenty of suckers to buy you drinks, just
  6. What you want it for? If you need I maybe able to give you some room on a couple domains I have.
  7. Opposite opinion here...Avengers was awesome and easily THE best Comic adapation movie ever. As for the Hunger Games? It sucked, the acting was very bland and it was an obvious take on Battle Royale, even though the author claims to have known nothing about it(ie; She's full of shit). I walked out of the theatre wanting my money back after seeing it. I total agree Ken. I said what the fuck when Hunger Games was over. I definitely felt like I had been fucked over by paying for it. Have not seen Avengers yet but plan to.
  8. Trixter - Ride The Whip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_vYnSUgwcg
  9. Hamburgers Fried Mushroom Stir Fried Rice Any Seafood
  10. Seeing bands live Playing music live with others Listening to music Fishing
  11. I do 12 to 16 oz curls depending on my mood.
  12. I remember the days of my childhood when stations across from each other use to have price wars and try to lower a penny or 2 to get the business. Lowest for me was 29 cents. A bottle of soda was 25 cents and you could get a full size candy bar for 10 cents.
  13. Six Reasons To Run - The Fallen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN2S7rzwE68
  14. AXE?! I always felt like their body sprays were more a gimmick than anything else. How long does the smell tend to last? And do you know if they use pheromone attracting chemicals in AXE? I noticed that seems to be a new thing with some colognes and body sprays... but it's questionable if it actually works. Yes they use pheromones in their products. The scent lasts all day unless you sweat a lot say in doing hard labored work.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueS7rbHqo_k&feature=youtu.be
  16. Pretty Maids - Little Drops of Heaven http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8wyRbEL8zg&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLA1002CA143EDC278
  17. I like the AXE body sprays. My wife loves the one Dark Temptations by AXE. I also where some Old Spice every now and then. She likes it as well.
  18. Lord have mercy... that sounds like a beautiful set up. Perhaps, when I win the lottery, I shall duplicate it ... otherwise, I sometimes use a 15'' monitor as a dual set up! Thanks Alpha it is indeed a nice set up. Great for watching vids or playing games on.
  19. I run dual monitors on main setup. Got a HD 32" LG and a 21" HP monitor. I run a HD 32" LG on my laptop for all my musical production stuff. Also have my wife's setup upstairs running on a HD 42" Panasonic TV/Monitor, she loves it since she is hard of seeing. All these setups run true HD video cards as well. My last system is just a 17" gateway laptop I use for work.
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