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  1. More than likely you have somehow changed the refresh rate of the video output and your monitor cannot support that rate. Try going into the setting in your display in the control panel under appearance and then go to display and screen resolution then go to advanced settings. You should find your monitor there and be able to change the refresh rate. Most are set at 60. If that is not it then try to get another monitor from someone and try it. It maybe your monitor went bad.
  2. I use convertXDVD it is very easy to use and comes with lots of templates.
  3. Ya GC I agree with Ken older more experienced ladies are where it's at. Young virgins may seem good but they lack everything that makes a woman a woman in my opinion.
  4. Strange is an understatement! I would say weird is more to the way of this place. It just stays in limbo.
  5. It is so dusty in here I had to dust off the forum before I could use it...lol. Everyone including GC has abandoned this place. Any less activity and we should rename to GhostEmulation!
  6. Just put about a teaspoon of white rice in the bag and that will keep out the moisture.
  7. Damn we been busy haven't we Robert. Nice job though!
  8. maybe. but i still think showing appreciation around the year is better than focusing on one day. but then., this is the adult me that is talking I agree totally with what you are saying but it is nice to get that extra attention on on day.
  9. Maybe overrated a bit, but real fathers appreciate this day especially when their kids show them some appreciation,
  10. A Big Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there.
  11. My wife says I talk about nothing all the time
  12. The rain is back and so are the ducks in my flooded yard...lol

    1. emsley



    2. Robert


      Show us a picture of those ducks

    3. Jitway


      Well yard is dried up but next big rain I will post some


  13. Ya Paul he should own up to his mistakes and pay the price for them. Hold to your principles. It may seem like it is damaging your relationship with your father but in the end if he is any kind of father he will know he was in the wrong. Just my 2 cents.
  14. The Greatest Spectacle in Racing Today

  15. Is there anyone out there? Just knock if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home.

    1. Alpha


      I'm back. Post explaining why soon

  16. Can't believe you watched Human Centipede. I thought I was the only one that suffered through that horrible waste of time.
  17. Yawwwwwwnnnnn : ()

  18. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

  19. Got my Mom a bluetooth speaker for her MP3 player. And of course I love my Mom who don't. Without her I would not be here.
  20. Wake up THE DEAD!

  21. More rain. If it keeps this up I think I will go into the boat building trade.

  22. Let's get a tombstone for this place...lol!

  23. Lazy Saturday morning and I got tons to do...sucks

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