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  1. i usually listen to the local sports radio station til i fall asleep, but NyQuil should do the trick
  2. Bug fixes: Regular HDF TD_GEOMETRY returned incorrect data. (caused some larger HDF's fail to mount, 0.9.91 only) Filesystem bug fix (0.9.90-91), files with Windows System or Hidden -flag set didn't open properly in all cases. Stardust starwars-scroller in cycle-exact mode. SuperStardust AGA tunnel-section and Superfrog intro bee flashing plus other sprite emulation fixes. Random disk formatting verify errors when using non-turbo mode (was broken couple of releases ago) Display corruption/crashes if display width was larger than 1024 and display depth was 32bit (only native display mode, Picasso96 was unaffected) Windowed mode window close button didn't work if "Use CTRL+F11 to quit" was enabled input-panel autofire yes/no-selection AVIOutput video recording bug in interlaced modes
  3. WinUAE is an Amiga emulator for Windows. Final beta before 1.0 (?) News: Filesystem emulation now uses NTFS named streams to store Amiga FS protection flags and comment instead of __UAEFSDB.__-files. (non-NTFS drives still use old method) Postscript printer emulation using Ghostscript. All Windows supported printers work now. Amiga-side only needs standard Amiga Postscript printer driver. Automatic print job flush after user configurable timeout. Improved hardfile creation, filesystem selection (OFS/FFS/SFS) etc.. Disk swapper key shortcuts. END+1-0 (not numeric keypad) = insert image from swapper slot 1-10 END+SHIFT+1-0 = insert image from swapper slot 11-20 END+CTRL+1-4 = select drive GUI drag'n'drop. (no more ugly up/down arrows) screenshots are now named _xxx.bmp user configurable emulation speed adjustment from 5 to 100 fps rar and 7zip -archive support (using archiveaccess.dll) some custom chipset emulation improvements here and there. improved drive click sound emulation X-Arcade build-in key mappings onscreen disk and HD leds flash red while writing "Always on top"-windowed mode setting and more.. » WinUAE homepage.
  4. think my cable service provider is capping my bandwidth... are they permanent?
  5. playd fifa on pc... suckd.. got more players and teams but, its poor compared to Pro Evolution Soccer 4 / Winning Eleven 8 there was a problem playin wit fifa tho, i got a radeon8500 so it should be good enough to play it, but there's no lighting on the players on high detail, they look 2d this way.. nbalive05 and pes4 works fine...
  6. question: got the newest version? http://n-sane.us/index.php?page=p2p/klite27
  7. yep, hes a Quit like ricky williams... j/p, but yea he stoppd workin on it and its open source and some1 else is suppose to be in charge of it now, but where's he at? its basically the same vba emulator but got the multiplayer mode added to it
  8. http://www.anandtech.com/ this site might help choose the parts
  9. man, no more nova, it was so easy gettn links from there... owell i still got 3 sites to use tho...
  10. VBALink is the VisualBoy Advance emulator with multiplayer link capability. News: Core changes: fixed bugs on ELF clean up improved CodeBreaker 0xDxxxxxxx code support updated Scale2x filter to version 2.0 improved memory timing added support for z2 (delete break on write) so that gdb can use break on write Windows: added search for base language dll fixed GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted added JPEG and PNG support for skins changed import/export battery file to default to battery directory fixed the translation bug with viewers fixed the GB map view flickering fixed skin bugs DL versions: now it exits when closing the window Other: added a new interface using GTK+, which implements a first part of the Windows version » VBALink homepage.
  11. you using a router? if so u dont need one really...
  12. mayb the files corrupt, your saying the mp3 sounds fine playing with something like winamp? since its jus a mp3 and not a bin file than y not jus use nero and select burn audio cd and put that file into burn?
  13. good stuff... i liked movie9, must take a long time to put something like those together
  14. i saw that awhile ago, was great movie, i was laughin all through it...
  15. xmen2 and spiderman2 were both good sequels imo
  16. arent all toons suppose to be? u could say that about naruto... theres violence and criminal michief (vigilantes) in teen titans.. might see some blood once in awhile after robin takes a beating from a baddie shows not bad after u get over the fact that the teen titans are a bunch of kiddie super heroes
  17. Magic Engine is a PC-Engine emulator for Windows. News: added a 'frameskip' option in the pce.ini file and in the gamepad/keyboard misc config menu. added a 'slideshow' option for the 'load ROM' menu. re-organized the video driver code; in planning of DirectX support. added an icon to the.exe. fixed a bug in the gamepad code (the stuck-direction bug). fixed Steam Heart's crash. fixed Jantei Monogatari III crash. fixed Gunbuster ADPCM looping bug. fixed Yuna HuVideo movie. fixed Exile. adjusted Loom screen centering. » Magic Engine homepage.
  18. mines 3.2mb, use to be 3.5 what happend to the.3?
  19. hmmm... interesting background u got there.. your many male lovers?
  20. What kind of a connection do you have anyway? Kilobits or bytes? Think hard now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> idono.. the one where 1000kb = 1 mb , cable
  21. dsl stinx, period... they hav those commercials that say its jus as good as cable.. pile of bs, got a verizon dsl for a couple of months, nothing but trouble after a couple of months, it jus broke and i couldnt even connect to the internet, their support sux too, my cousin had a similar experience from using dsl
  22. i d/l albums, tv shows, movies, games via torrents, speeds at least 100 kbs d/l music on winmx, i get max download speeds, upto 500kbs
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