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  1. "Your Xbox is unaffected. Your Xbox does not require a replacement cord and one will not be shipped." darn i wanted my new power cord too...
  2. gonna go see this later tpday... i like these recent comics to movies, some of them do, do good like spiderman, batman, or xmen, the previews for this look awesome, i know its going to be great any1 else think keanu reeves will always be Neo? you kno what i mean
  3. Kega Fusion is a Genesis/Sega CD/32X/Master System & Game Gear emulator for Windows. » Kega Fusion homepage.
  4. WinFellow is an Amiga emulator for Windows. » WinFellow homepage.
  5. DSemu is a GBA emulator & soon to be DS emulator for Windows. » DSemu homepage.
  6. seems interesting.. ive heard bout this book but never read nice trailer, hope the movie is jus as good
  7. in my graphics class we use G5s, i still prefer the pc tho, its so much more compatible with everything else how much this mac mini cost?
  8. speak mandarin? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Gong xi gong xi, wo men si hua ren, tang ran jiang hua yu <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ahh... more mandarin.. im fluent in cantonese tho, wish my parents taught me both, may come in handy wo bu qwai jiang hua yu.. that make any sense?
  9. whoa, thats some clutter , o0o out run.. use to feed quarters into that machine, graphics were awesome at the time...
  10. MESS is a emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems. » MESS homepage.
  11. the blue one, not sure.. it's the theme, I'm not talking about the wallpaper, you had yer icons lined on a horizontal basics in the middle of yer desktop, it was one heck of a nice theme, not sure if it was a window theme, but it's impressive aight. oh and about the site you posted, THAT IS TRUE DEVIATION OF GFX (not the ads =P) btw.. emule may have everything yer looking for, but their slow as ants dragging away a dead donkey. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ahh... the horizontal setup, only reason i did it b4 was so it wouldnt cover up the gfx in the bakground, not much innovation there ^^ emules not as slow as it seems, jus walk away, like for example i'll go take a shiet and vwala, its done (5mb files anywayz) ive tried windowblinds and styleXp b4... its slows up my pc so i dont use those programs anymore (only got 192mbram as it is)
  12. What ever happen to your old style theme ? the one you post in A@H 2 years ago, it was the best desktop anyone seen, we all wanted it hehe. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you talking about that orange one? or do mean that blue one... time for a change, i like this new one cuz it was the 1st one i tried on this monitor and it looked good i get my backgrounds here (warning: contains some suggestive ads) either there or toeng.com edit: whats wrong with emule? ;P
  13. starcraft / broodwars also works okay on 56k.. may lag still reason why cuz these games are old
  14. 2-port PLAYSTATION PS2 to PC USB CONTROLLER ADAPTER NEW search that on ebay.com or PSX PS2 PC USB 2 PORT CONVERTER + CONTROLLER NEW IN BOX i bought a similar one awhile ago, works great... 2ports are better than one
  15. new lcd monitor this time, 1280x768 reduced to 600x360 =)
  16. nah.... i just take out the money and invest in some new kicks
  17. Gens is a Sega Genesis, Sega-CD, 32X emulator for Windows. » Get it here. » Gens homepage.
  18. DSemu is a GBA emulator & soon to be DS emulator for Windows. » DSemu homepage.
  19. EmuZWin is a Spectrum-128K/48K emulator for Windows. » EmuZWin homepage.
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