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  1. Dolphin is a GameCube emulator for Windows. » Dolphin homepage.
  2. Rice Video plugin is based on source from original Daedalus plugin made by StrmnNrmn. (N64 emulator plugin) » Rice Video Plugin homepage.
  3. both movies were crap.. tho the 2nd was better it still wasnt that great.. i said b4 not worth 7 bucks... (dawn of the dead prob the best current zombie movie) think RE has run its course
  4. NESCafe is an NES emulator written in Java for any platform. » NESCafe homepage.
  5. mpaa is a pain... not like the movies arent makin money, the good ones can get at least $40 million in a day in the theaters, supposedly theyre crackin down on sites with movies and tv shows links... tv shows are free to watch on tv anywayz hope nova comes back soon (would be fine with them jus havin apps, games, and music links)
  6. most likely shutdown by the host for having warez and the like...
  7. Snes9x is a SNES emulator for Windows. » Snes9x homepage.
  8. its crazy what has happend over there, the suns out, ppl going about there their every day lives then WHAM, a distaster kills over 140,000 ppl, a terrible event to end 2004 but think bush could handle this situation better in th begining.. its like with 9/11, he sat in the classroom hours w/o doing anything as the towers where falling.. guess we got take it it more serioulsy that one day its possible the ocean could enlgulf enitre planet (waterworld?) this site has photos of coastlines of tsunami-devastated areas before and after the disaster, from an aerial view: http://homepage.mac.com/demark/tsunami/ , gives some insite on how bad it actally is..
  9. well since paypal deals with transfering money they gotta hav that kinda of stuff for security reasons to prevent hackers or wutnot, if there was a way to bypass it, it would probably be illegal such an expert hacking into the system.. can always prevent this from happening again by keeping a record of it in a safe place
  10. partyin' with some friends on new yrs eve... regis filling in for dick clark this yr ;(
  11. Crystal System Emulator is an Arcade emulator for Windows. » Crystal System Emulator homepage.
  12. Saturnin is a Saturn and ST-V emulator for Windows » Saturnin homepage.
  13. good stuff , how long it take u to do that one?
  14. new emulation to look foward to... wont be buyin a ds either, jus the fact that wouldnt pay for a handheld if its cost more or the same of a console...
  15. welcome to the board leathel... more from a@h
  16. yea the 1st half was pretty empty... decent show tho, some nice muzak
  17. there was a episode where he got stabbed by a cheater on a speed boat i like watchin the lesbians fight... funny as hel
  18. yea, the newest gfx cards are pricey as heck, best jus to wait for them to go down or buy older models that are cheaper but still get the job done
  19. jackie chan is an entertainer bruce lee and jet li are better fighters, let li is a real shaolin martial arts/kung fu student/expert (jackie did as well, he's not harcore like jet tho ).. heard a whiles ago hes quiting acting and becoming a shaolin monk?.....
  20. Saturnin is a Saturn and ST-V emulator for the Windows » Saturnin homepage.
  21. not losing sleep over this here... evry KOF has been the same, they jus reuse/recycle sprites and fighters... wondering if they are planing a KOF action game?
  22. sweet.. alrdy subscribed to PSM for $12 a yr, jus signed up for EGM for that freebie, good looks Gamecop
  23. yep bruce lee's best movie... though he himself wasnt in most of the movie tho , the fights up the pagoda were awesome
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