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  1. and im sure they will have codes to alter the movelist, especially for Kyo
  2. that is correct, Korea is spelt with a C in spanish
  3. so if this is legit its possible we might see it available for emulators like CTHD2003?
  4. WORLD HERO's! man thats soo dope! I love FUMA!!! hahaha that move were he throws himself like a frisbe! haha and Tung Fu Rue!!! thats gonna be cool if he can shapeshift like in old school, i wonder how long it will take for this game to come out for PS2 in japan
  5. can admins close this topic out of its sheer lameness factor?
  6. yea looks like someone having fun with mugen, ugh I'd hate the idea of King with long hair! I like to pretend shes a very hot femmed out guy like Brian Molko and such...problably why i didnt like her capcom sprites, too damn curvy!
  7. mabey when he comes back to KOF he, mai, and hokotumaru can have a Shiranui Ninja team! that would rock! but i know what you mean about him not being put in enough games, i love Andy, they probably fear him since hes soo much more offensive than anyone else
  8. that game has me fanning myself down!! whoo hooo! the streets are on fire!!! i should get an Atomiswave , i wonder how much those cost cabinets and all
  9. i dunno, i see them really cheap on e-bay though damn! has anyone seen the updated character roster on NEO GEO BATTLE COLLESEUM?!!?! they ADDED WORLD HERO's AND TUNG FU RUE!!!!
  10. Paul actually has alot of Jujitsu based combo's but people only use his powerful punches and im highly against the practice of judo because its budo and budo is a ripoff
  11. I wonder if K' will have a quarrel with Ash then...that would be very interesting, and whats up with that "little girl" and Kula! its all getting soo confused I doubt Vanessa, Ramon, and Seth will ever come back...i think Iori killed them off
  12. no way! i want one with the 6 game sleeves!
  13. the goodwill sucks, the best clothes are usually at the Salvation Army!!! and im serious too! especially for all those people who go for the androgynous look. not to mention for the best seasonal fashions, the fall/winter line is now and id rather buy a dead mans leather jacket for 5 bucks than a new one on sale for $300 "Im used to the finer things in life" -Marcus "May I rebuttle?" -Marcus i swear if he said "red sauce" in front of me i would have shot the flocker dead!
  14. I wonder if Ash will be in a new team...im really starting to love him also....
  15. NGBC! all the way, i cfj looks and problably will feel too much like cvs2 just with different characters and i just generally prefer SNKs mechanics
  16. wow looks like a nice hack, but it could easily be mugen, i love mugen!!!
  17. ooo its back up! now how do we fix the sound? M1 yet?!
  18. tweak? i dont tweak i drink! besides the teams suck, chun li doesnt belong in team SF 3 , Guy should be in a team Final Fight!!, and i somehow doubt there gonna have a Team Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, MegaMan X,STAR GLADIATOR,rival schools, Strider, Captain Commando ,ect and were the hell is Team Street Fighter 1!!! (should be Eagle, Geki,Lee,Joe) your problably too young to remember though,lol
  19. mabey not true to the scene but -VIOLENCE- can probably own you in any sf/kof game, and tekken
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