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  1. GO M1 go!!!! this game would be hella grubbin' if i only had the right M1
  2. I noticed this thread getting bigger so all i gotta say is stop trying to shoplift the pootie! its as easy as that
  3. Shes definatly the best character design for a boxer and her moves are awesome!
  4. haha i remember back in the days i used to always come to this forum for links, you people would just talk and talk and share information until all the bits and pieces were put together, I especially remember SVC chaos/plus. It took me over a year, but for some reason i finally joined. Im sure alot of people decided not to come back after the whole ROM debacle (or however you spell that word)
  5. thanks for fixxing up the confusion I was playing around with Mugen, and Vanessa beat the crap out of M.Bison (the SVC rip) in a boxing match
  6. i normally do buy the videogames, especially when they get new options and features, and same with the music cd's
  7. you need to use the kof 2k1 v's im sure of that
  8. i didnt read that because it was too long but did someone shoplift the pootie?
  9. you mean the patch with the supped up moves and street fighter-esc backgrounds when doign them?
  10. Im cold as ice, i'd be like just kill us all!!
  11. oh, well the "fireball" is sorta useless i was just wondering
  12. haha, Bao is not jailbait! especially after being with Hugo! lol
  13. I read the movelist and alot of facts and they claim to have brought back Kyo's fireball (or that ground wave thing) but i never see any way how to do it, did they really bring it back? ..also he claims to hit Shingo with it in Team Japans ending in 2003 i mean whats up with that, they cant be talking about the Orochinagi because it never left!
  14. oh you mean the ending! if i recal wasnt that the ending were Kensou got his Psycho powers back and Bao sorta lost his?
  15. Sagat is definatly in the higher tier though because i remember reading something about him knocking some sence into evil ryu while Sakura and Ken fought Vega (M.Bison)
  16. Dragon Spirit Arc? whats that? and what could possibly be cool about an Older Bao?
  17. ugh...the thought of mame just makes me sick...
  18. Poor Ikari Soldiers....I sorta miss Kensou too
  19. Dimahoo/Giga Wing Punisher,lol that was a good one! oh yes and Final fight and AVP
  20. I cannot stomach this game with its horrible sound!!! but with all honesty, this version really isnt that special, although i do like Zankuro and Amaksa...no cham cham....or Seiger!!! i loved that guy!!!
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