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  1. in my opinion theres no such thing as cheap, its win or lose
  2. I liked all of those bosses! they were very challening! well not Krizalid, i read him like a book but as for character designs, androgony is back in fashion so lets throw away all Gi's!
  3. nope, as far as i know they were perpetual children...and Chonrei ended up receiving training from master Tung and Chonsu got training from Kim, im more interested in Chonrei because he was learing Tungs style as opposed to another tae kwon do stylist
  4. who cares about this crap im waiting for NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM!!!
  5. Jin?? And when I say Kim's brothers, I mean the two sons. They ARE brothers, rite? Yes, Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Whan are brothers. what does any of this have to do with Jin Chonrei or Jin Chonsou? i think the one with the yellow streaks would look cool as an adult, on top of that he should have learned more of Tungs Style and would be sexy topless with the way he moves! definatly someone who should be in Garou 2
  6. yes so now i no longer work for that catering company, but speaching of spam, i havent had any in a very long time, no spyware either and no junk e-mails life is good
  7. I really do hate spam ! i remember once someone asked me to roll them up some spam sushi, i felt soo raped after that!
  8. ok so i can ask peoples fav superhero? and i can ask what they are listening to? does that mean i can ask them what they do for living? but i cannot leave a comment asking if anyone has played kof intoxicated? im not implying they should try it. but it would bug you out! lol so whats spam and whats not? I thought spam was all the porno junk e-mail and pop ups, how is spam defined, and how come its named after such a hideous meat!
  9. damn! spam is nasty, i dunno how people can eat that stuff, the sheer thought of it makes my flesh crawl!!! oh yes! is it just me or is Kof (especially 2k3) and SVC chaos, the most funnest crap on earth when drunk?! it really trips me out! especially in kof! the controls are soo much better! like the time me and....
  10. ghost is a crappy idea for a sequel, i want a hotter more up to date version of the original starcraft engine! GO ZERGLINGS GO!!!
  11. I've been saying that for the longest time... in all non-gay ways possible. i dont find it gay to acknowledge someone's good looks....man or woman...its jus reality...cmon now... i always dug violence's hair...but with my wavy-ness i cant do jack with it but wear my ivy league hat all day.. Ionic Perm is the way to go!!! Jim Belushi/Robert Smith? lol shucks and i was going for Adam Ant this week, especially since i chopped off soo much hair
  12. they should have the cool looking Jin as a Adult in the next Garou
  13. when you mean all characters? do you mean they all are visible upfront?
  14. lol whats wrong with the cure? I used to love them! but between the ancient dispute of the cure and the smiths, The Smiths won
  15. coming to the US in 11/4/04 and in this ver of 2002 we get Geese! Orochi Iori! and Goenitz!!! ( on top of that we get Shingo and King like in the DC ver!!!
  16. well i think it should be how Toshinden was, have the Japanese speach japanese and the American/ect speach english because Terry in japanese woudnt feel right, especially if he talks, which reminds me of Fatal Fury Wild Ambition, when he fight Andy... Andy rants in japanese and then Terry yells out "OK ANDY!!!" i love that for some reason
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