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  1. fav hero: Gambit Fav Villian: Carnage fav superhero movie: Batman Returns worst superhero movie: Ang Lee's Hulk worst character : Superman upcomming hopeful movie: either Ghostrider (w/nicholas cage) or Iron Fist (with Ray Park)
  2. wow! slot machines you say? i remember seeing a few Pachinko machines but never a slots! that must look really cool
  3. we soo do! i miss the Rising Tomahawk and the Kaiser Wave, Rugal just cant do it as nicely as Krauser could
  4. so the sound is still messed up for the Kawaks ver?
  5. Geese will never die! hell i had a theory that he was Grant (using a different style and all) but i dunno...but it would be nice to see him in a garou game as a pissed off old man, i wouldnt mind seeing a son of Krauser or somthing too! now that would kick ass! like a daughter of Krauser for the next Garou
  6. RAGNAROK ONLINE!!! im always comming on towards other male players and following them around
  7. you have to beat Billy Kane with Terry and you'll see....
  8. Jim Belushi was a cool guy ( i sure party like that now that im 21),but i always thought i resembled wolverine / Robert Smith ( from the cure)
  9. i beat both those games! the hardest game i can remember on hand for SNES was Maximum Carniage, it took me like a good 4 months to master and beat it finally
  10. i knew that , but you know, a generalization of what everyone knows the moves ass, id rather see him do a reppuken or mabey a Hadou sempukyaku!!!
  11. thats cool but i was sorta enjoying the direction snk was going with for Ash, they should always have a new hero every now and then, or what i would like to see is a new old school KOF that is single entry (like how Terry won kof '92-93 and how Ryo won kof's in the 70's) I think Rugals son would make a good new hero too, just change his sprites a bit, like make him do the reppuken with his arms and give him a Kaiser wave and rugals super genocide cutter, then he'd be set!
  12. hey that makes sence! so i wonder who will be the major player/hero in the next kof...will it be Kyo or K'? and is Ash really the bad guy here?....
  13. I hated the first movie, but i think i will scope out the second one
  14. hahaha! well i do know how to fight, in fact i studied martial arts with the one you guys know as -VIOLENCE- HAOSHOKO KEN!!!! is the best projectile ever!!! (next to Kaiser Wave)
  15. hmmm...well i see this one official site with everyones BIO so i figured the'd do something like the Street fighter collection or the MK trilogy
  16. are there Red ants in america? i just noticed that i've never seen them in this country
  17. i miss Eiji Kisagari!!! i really did use him alot if AOF and KOF!!! we will see him again when the kof 94/10th year aniversery comes out
  18. lol, i feel soo old! i was kicking ass in fighters street (street fighter 1) before you were even born! hahaha photobucket? fine lemme look into it right now lets see how this works....
  19. that guy was Ville, what a fraud!!! but this is moi and im not a fat lazy loser. mabey its because its known that SNK players scene (whom usually use the pretty boys of kof *includes King*) are vain and self concious and very superficial
  20. i really dont care, im sure they'd just tune down ralph alot more anyways, but dammit! I would really like to see Hiedern back in action!!!
  21. has anyone played kof 2003 (on kawaks) while drinking stoli and orange concentrate?! it will bug you out!!!
  22. actually i was multi tasking playing samurai showdown special on low volume since its all messed up and annoying(especially when getting hit) so i decided to watch Ramna 1/2
  23. argh!!!! I LOVE KAWAKS AND I JUST LOVE CATS!!!! darn sound!!!
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