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  1. i admire ZANGRRIEEF!!!! hes openly gay and wants to bareback with VEGA (BALROG In Japan)
  2. im totally expecting to see the game about early-mid '05 but thats alright!!!! as for Capcom Fighting Jam, who gives a crap, i think the teams are garbage and i just dont like capcom fighting games that much anymore because the character mechanics are too predictable
  3. wait a minute! wayyy off topic! this is KOF 2k4 gossip! speaching of which, i think the so called addition of a younger rock is totall bullshit, buti dont doubt he will eventually make it into a KOF game just not now
  4. ooo gerl! now thats what im talking about!!!
  5. Shen Woo Mode Of Combat: Personal style (Rowdy Barefisted Boxing) its good enough to put him on the list!
  6. that shoudnt matter, he wrestles! and thats the whole point! who out wrestles who! Clark owns Tizoc or Ramon but i voted Hugo since i use him in SVC chaos when im bored
  7. Bridget is cute! Bao is just annoying, and is a boy! and hopefully we wont have to see him in Kof anymore...but is annyone else asking why he was hanging out with Hugo in svc chaos?
  8. ugh, i remember i coudnt drink the water...
  9. Clark Steel is totally a wreslter!!! what about Amor King?!
  10. there was this fat white guy named Taka who was cosplaying, my best friend (who is japanese) showed me a link a long time ago and he was soo stupid looking that it pissed me off and left a scar, not to mention i generally hate animie freaks/cosplayers who are generally caucasian and go as far as to givethemselves japanese nicknames....theres somthing just not right about the whole thing....
  11. I hope all cosplayers die!!! especially fat white guys who name themselves Taka!!!
  12. looks like some sorta scam, i better scan to make sure my pc doesnt have spyware now!
  13. thats because boxing games suck! just keep the boxers in fighting games, the only exception in martial arts is wrestling, wrestling games are fun as hell! BTW who voted Shen Woo?!
  14. well i wanna play Dimahoo on my old school kawaks 1.45, like all my games but the dat i use does not load the game vertically like it is supposed to be, does anyone know how to fix that?
  15. I guess Vanessa really is the best, and her being a mature (childess milf) with a great pair of pants just makes it even better!
  16. definatly to the guy who does all the squaresoft games
  17. I wasnt really thinking about 3 d fighting games, other than tekken (and kof MI) i hardly ever touch them, and i think Steve Fox is garbage, but then again i own anyone with Paul, he'd be a much better boxer than steve because hes like Tyson in his prime POW!!!!
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