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  1. i just got a wii not sure ov the model but its brand new so latest i guess.can you upgrade the firmware so it plays back ups like i done with my xbox360 no soldring no mod chips just flash the drive???? or even play the games off a usb stick ? please help im a newbie with wii many thanks
  2. has any1 got firmware for flashing the philips dvd rom drive it is model number dg-16d2s many thanks if its not posible to flash this drive can you just pust a other dvd rom drive in??????
  3. Hi I know on a xbox 360 you can upgrade the firmware on the dvd rom so it plays backups without the need for chipping on the older versions, but does this work on the very latest one meaning im going to buy one brand new in the shop, is it possible that a newer version will be slightly updated from the older modules. Thanks
  4. i dont wish to play copies i just want to know if actuly owning a chipped console is illegal
  5. is it actully illegal to mod your xbox? although i dont condone piracy i do have a modded xbox and modded it at my own risk,to play back ups and imports and the likes so these chips xcutter i have are available easly so even though you understand installing one fails your gurantee is it acutly illegal to chip your own box ?your own property any links as to these being illegal many thanks
  6. hi can any1 tell me if therre are emulators for the 360 i would like a psx one if poss many thanks
  7. hi iv downloaded winuaex_v17 and extracted it in there is 4 folders amiga disks emuskins roms and uae_data then some 4 scripts and 1 default.xbe ok and il have 1000 or so roms in there own folder in .adf format where do i put my games ?and how do i burn the disk i have nero 6 installed thank you for your help
  8. does any1 have the commodore 64 emulator for xbox or could make 1 i have it emulated on windows and could supply all the roms and emulators many thanks
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