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  1. Guess i'll post the first bug, that is if others can verify it: Garou (set 1) won't run, despite being highlighted as completely working in romcenter. No memory leak. Ran it at 1080i and switched back to 480p, but still no dice. Haven't tried the other sets yet (the bootleg and prototype), as i'm really only interested in the official, complete game.
  2. Was looking forward to it today As long as you don't pull a Kenshiro and become AWOL for an awfully long time span, then all is forgiven.
  3. 1080i support! I'm impressed. Definitely great to hear for us CRT HD owners. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Kenshiro and NES we'll finally get a proper FBA-XXX Pro 1.30.
  4. Looks like this side of 1emulation has quickly dilapidated into tumbleweeds. If there's one thing BP was good at it was generating hype from the CoinOps releases. Oh, and of course Kenshiro has gone the ghost as well.
  5. Revenge of Deathadder finally fixed?! Now i can die in peace.
  6. So lemme get this straight: BP is working on MAME Xbox, right? A few people here have given him some flack (myself included in the past) but its absolutely trivial stuff, and nothing like the drama happening over at the Wii homebrew scene (Brakken trying to commit suicide? Waninkoko opening the floodgates to piracy on the Wii?). Just had to get this out since BP's farewell thread was unfortunately locked. Everyone and i do mean everyone here (trolls included) appreciated the amazing effort you put into the emulator and the unprecedented rapid releases of it.
  7. Was hoping this would be another one of Kenshiro's fake retirements, but it seems this time it could be fo realz So... FBA-XXX Pro 1.30 doesn't exist?
  8. Stay FAR away from Monster brand cables. For some unknown reason (shit quality?) the red color wire burnt out on both my Monster PS2 and Xbox component cables (in different years). Ever since i made the switch to the cheapest no-name brand on eBay i haven't had any troubles since, and as far as my eyes can discern, there's absolutely no difference in the quality on-screen (Monster is supposedly the most expensive brand you could buy).
  9. Pcsxbox is almost as bad as Surreal64. Such a hassle to get games to play. The sound in the fmv ending of SotN is just some Gregorian chant. Honestly nothing special, and the cinema was even excluded in the XBLA rendition.
  10. Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on in the story of Osman? lol Avenging Spirit is freaking sweet. Feels like a lengthy adventure made for console, like the Wonderboy series. Not sure why its on Enkak's list of games that needs to be fixed, as it runs smoothly for the most part.
  11. Not expecting any miracles, but Darius Gaiden could use a fixin' in the framerate department.
  12. Even if the audio files aren't your standard type there should be some way to convert them.
  13. Woops. Those games definitely are there! Sorry for wasting valuable space.
  14. How bout getting them three Dragon Ball Z games? (2 here)
  15. Beat Osman yesterday. The first half of the game is fantastic; perfectly balanced like a console game with great aesthetics. The second half, difficulty rachets with lotsa off-screen cheapness meant to drain quarters. Very wacky story too, but that only adds to its charms. I'm hungering for some more Strider action. Guess i'll give that sequel a round.
  16. Forgot about Strider 2 (haven't played it yet)! I guess Strider knock-off would be a better word.
  17. Mystic Ark's translation was released a month ago. It's a fairly sweet RPG from the late SNES era, and an indirect sequel to the infamous 7th Saga. I'm very surprised how much easier this game is compared to its predecessor, which drove me absolutely mad with its excessive grinding. Highly recommended playing for RPG aficionados. Thanks to BP i've been able to try out Osman. It certainly lives up to being a Strider 2.
  18. I've been catching the show on exclusively on Adult Swim since the beginning. The pacing is so aggravating right now It's nothing like Yu Yu Hakusho's, but thankfully still far from Naruto's.
  19. Would anybody be kind enough to PM me the goods? Also, what's the difference between regular Coin-Ops and Showcase? Been awhile since i downloaded a Coin-Ops (which would be the first standalone).
  20. I also get a fairly nasty sound cackle when playing Punch-Out!! Happens only to this game in my entire set.
  21. The most recent CoinOps would be obviously be the one at the topic of this sub-forum. Can't say i fiddled too much with MameoX to give you any sort of useful advice.
  22. Exemplary work, guys. Always wanted to play Osman since i first saw it here. Is there such a thing as too much praise?
  23. Your best bet is to contact the authors directly over at the Xbox-scene forum. Here's the thread where i may have perhaps misinterpreted your regards to working on X-Port material --> http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30569
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