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  1. I don't see 500 new games on that list, Enkak! Get crackin' on adding wanted games (like the one below i suggested earlier).
  2. Couldn't get into Vandal Hearts. Graphically speaking i thought it was the fugliest strategy-RPG i ever played . The extreme gore was cool though, but it's no Ogre Battle or FF Tactics. Currently playing what may be perhaps the most beautiful (and perhaps greatest) RPG in my entire lifetime --> Mother 3 is both hilarious and very endearing; man tears were flowing down my cheeks at one point! Never imagined a game on the Xbox could make me even do that. (it's a GBA game technically though)
  3. Anybody else getting a loud and annoying sound cackle during the second and third match of Punch-Out? I can't be the only one. Osman looks absolutely beautiful! Run Saber on the SNES is another Strider knock-off.
  4. Street Fighter the Movie was awfully slow the last time i checked. I realize there's a perfectly playable version on PCSXbox, but its a completely neutered port with lotsa missing frames (and more importantly it doesn't have the funny American voices).
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